Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poker And Pansies

This week I need to write about something other than the kids. This week I need to vent so it’s just me complaining about “The Man Rules”.

In case you haven’t noticed, men don’t tend to have the best etiquette. Because of this, a set of“Man Rules” were developed to make sure that all men were consistent in their stupidity. For example, I only have to pretend to hear my wife when she talks during the football game. I don’t have to look all that hard in the refrigerator for things because the worst that will happen is my wife says “It’s right in front of you. You’re such a guy”. I don’t have to ask for directions no matter how lost I get. There are lots and lots of these little “man rules.”

Now, I’m all for the man rules when they apply to women or to the specific man using the rule. But when the man rules are turned on other men, it’s just wrong. And, when I’m impacted it pisses me off even more.

Here’s the situation: I’ve been organizing a monthly poker game for 3-4 years now. At least 3 weeks ahead of time, I pick a date and send a meeting notice to everyone. Let me say it again, THE DATE IS PICKED THREE FIRETRUCKING WEEKS IN ADVANCE! You would think three weeks would be enough time to lock a date in. Not that I ever get an acceptance at this point, but I like to try.

Because men can't remember ANYTHING three weeks in advance, I remind everyone again ONE WEEK before the game and ATTEMPT to get an actual commitment to play out of people. This is a simple commitment for a game of cards. It isn’t like I’m asking them to get married. This past week, I actually got enough to play the game. PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAID THEY ARE GOING TO ATTEND.

As you can see it’s always a total pain in the @$$ to organize the game but I’m used to it. So, what happened to make it soooo special this time? Well, the day of the game, I received an email after lunch, “can’t attend, sorry.” WTF is that? Six hours before the game you cancel???? Then at 4:00, I get another email, “Headache, can’t attend.” ARE YOU FIRETRUCKING KIDDING ME???? Less than 3 hours from the game???

Suddenly, I don’t have enough people to play. And, with less than 3 hours notice I can’t even find replacement players. Not to mention, the host already bought beer and snacks.

This isn’t rocket science. We’ve been playing cards for years. So why do guys think it’s ok to not accept the invite or back out three hours before the game is supposed to start. If this had been the first time, then I wouldn't mind. But, it isn't, and I am sick of this sh*t.

Now the problem is that I am pissed out of my mind. Because two MOTHER FIRETRUCKERS can't actually keep their word. But, because of man rules, I can’t say anything. If I mention to my buddies that I’m pissed then I’m seen as whiney, and needy, and… well I’ll be a chick. They get to act like complete rectal pores and I have to take it. So I'll suck it up because I have to see them again, and vent on the blog instead.


  1. It's not girly to get irritated at people unable to make plans ahead of time. I know plenty of guys who try and plan stuff ahead. Heck Andre is much more of a planner than I am - I am fairly impulsive and he gets annoyed at me when I spring stuff on him last minute. I think it's more of a personality type than a gender role thing.

  2. Surely you've had similar results planning for kids' parties? I don't think we've ever had a party for one of the kids where people either never responded or said they were coming and just didn't show up, no word whatsoever. People are tools (in case our discourse with Kelli last week didn't remind you). It's not limited to one chromosomal set.

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