Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Comic Book Make Over

A fellow panelists has an interesting idea of taking a comic that you think needs to be fixed and put your all star (wish) team on the book (good idea Shawn!)

I would have to pick Amazing Spider-Man. I loved this character years ago and have enjoyed many of his adventures over the years, but lately with JMS and his making Spider-Man one of many, the Gwen Stacy debacle and with Spider-Man joining the Avengers - the character has become unrecognizable. Add too that the 1,000 year old Aunt May and his unmasking and you have a character whose core has been destroyed.

With that as a preamble I would first reduce Spider-Man down to just one book and make it an 18 times a year book. Also Spider-Man would have to have a secret identity again and leave the New Avengers. My choice for writer would be Robert Kirkman or Gail Simone. Robert Kirkman because he has done such a wonderful job with Invincible that I think he could do a great job with Spider-Man. Also he is a younger married guy himself in real life and would be able to write a realistic married couple (which seems to be missing often in Spider-Man). I also believe Kirkman could chart a course where we have growth in the character and have good sub-plots advancing the characterization. Gail Simone would be another great choice in my mind as she writes great action sequences and injects humor into almost all of her books. Spider-Man has lacked a true sense of humor for what seems to be years to me. Gail also would bring a new perspective to the characters and would probably be able to give Mary Jane a better role in the book. Both writers have made up some great villains and mange to have great battle scenes and still provide characterization and sub-plots.

My artist would be Alan Davis. Now getting that many issues out of Alan would be impossible so I would also have to have a second artist and that would be Phil Jimenez. Alan Davis has a fluidness to his drawing which I think is essential for Spider-Man and Jiminez is one of the best super-hero artist in comics.

My editorial direction would be to re-establish Spider-Man as a hero (not Charlie Brown) but a hero who does the right thing. Also I would mandate that Peter Parker be allowed to move forward, Aunt May dies of old age, Peter and Mary Jane confront having a family or not and the characters slowly get into their late 20's early thirties. Otherwise just let me know your outlines and have a blast.


  1. Hmm, I now understand your question on my post

  2. Rusty cut me off when I tried to do yours on Sunday. I got the just of it in there but didn't get to read the whole thing.

    He kept giving me crap for you not being there. lol

    BTW: THE GOON was my pick of the last two weeks.


  3. Shawn - Great Ravens game - hope you caught the end of it. Thanks for you efforts.

  4. Rusty rules the roost with a fierce and unforgiving hammer. Gotta love it!

  5. I will make Rusty my bitch one day.

    Mark these words carefully. lol

    And yes, caught the last five minutes of the game. I almost cried when I thought the Browns were getting a touchdown.

    I screamed like a schoolgirl.

    It was awesome.

  6. Marking these words - 9/25/06 - 7:22 PM - Shawn writes his epiteth.

    It was a gut wrenching game, but exciting as hell.

  7. True that on the game.

    But they can't cut it THAT close.

    I may cry.