Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What I'm Getting Tomorrow

This can be a weekly post.

As always I get way too many books, but as I pass on almost everything and act as one of the panelist on the Cosmic Comix broadcast I can justify it that way.

This week we should get Wasteland #3 - a great series from Oni press, Road to Hell, Conan, 52 (every week the first read), Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Checkmate, Claw, Deadman, Flash, Hellblazer, Ion, Robin, Shadowpact, Skye Runner, Superman, Testament, Wetworks, Astonishing X-Men, Civil War, FF Visionaries John Byrne Volume 6, Iron Man, Marvel Masterworks - The Human Torch (Silver Age), Moon Knight, Next Wave, Ultimate Fantastic Four, X-Factor and I will try X-Men First Class as Jeff parker has proven to be a decent writer (especially in Agents of Atlas).

What is nice is that almost every book is a decent series. Flash and Moon Knight are the poorest books and Moon Knight I may drop soon, Flash I'm hanging on to longer then I should as I send this to my daughter and she loves Bart Allen.

Personally I'm looking forward to adding the Human Torch Masterworks to my bookshelves. The above pictures are relatively recent and show what is the vast majority of my collection. I love being able to walk in my own living room and get a hard cover or a trade and either re-read in detail or just skim through some great old stuff. Marvel needs to reprint the first Agent of Shield material and DC needs to publish more Archives a year and do less Golden Age material. I also hope that the republish the Levitz Legion years in some manner as going the Archives route it would take too long to get to Paul Levitz run. Also it would have too many issues of some of the weakest Legion material. I would also love to see a five to six issue hardcover tribute to Curt Swan and his Superman work. Curt Swan was one of the best artist ever and really has not gotten the prestige recognition many others have received. Marvel is finally honoring John Buscema who was a brilliant artist.

Before reprinting everything was in vogue building a collection in long boxes made sense. But to me reading the books is why I collected comics, not to collect them. So I have bid goodbye to the hoards of long boxes hidden in an attic or a basement and hello to a bookcase that proudly displays my love for this artform.


  1. Most of the books I read this week were not worth whipping my ass with.

    True Story.

    A few were borderline.


    Being the exceptions thus far. Have a small pile left.

    PS - You should be reading Phonogram. Its really good.

  2. Shawn - Fight the good fight this Sunday as I will be at home watching the Ravens game.

  3. lol

    Watch what you ask. I know Casanova's getting some love. lol

    BTW: I'm pissed about the game. I really want to watch it. But I'm not going to go against Rusty. Its not my show.

  4. Totally agree with you Jim. Of course there will always be people who prefer the single issues and no one can really fault them. For everything that exists there is someone who collects it. Did you know that there is an annual convention for people who collect Christmas tree ornaments? And I know a woman who collects the covers of TV Guides. Just the covers. Still, with the back issue market dead and trades selling for more than original issues on ebay one wonders why amassing piles and piles of long white boxes is a good idea. Very proud of you for dropping so drastically down from your 74+ long box collection. It was helping you move those long boxes onto a U-Haul that first opened my eyes to the folly of collecting comics in that manner. Images of Jacob Marley going through the afterlife bound by moneyboxes flew threw my head. I've turned to trades almost exclusively now as far as collecting. Still read singles and pass them on, but if I'm gonna keep something it's trade or hardcover.

  5. PS--Ravens SUCK!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  6. Shawn - it is not going against Rusty, it's just that if you want to watch the Ravens game you have to skip the show. Otherwise he will continue to have the show when the Ravens are on the air. He won't have a show when the Skins are playing. The Ravens look to be a decent team this year and I will miss the show to watch the Ravens.

    Jeff - Good luck with Big Blue - I thnk you guys are a year away, but I wouldn't mind beating your team in a super bowl again.

    Jeff - People will collect anything and I certainly think collecting stuff is a fine hobby. I have determined that if you collect something, but it has to be boxed up and can't be displayed, then it seems pointless to me. Plus once you go too far you have to sell the excess so you can enjoy what you have.

  7. I went to the game last Sunday, and yes, IT WAS GLORIOUS.

    Rusty talked about changing the times and whatnot and didn't.I figured if you weren't going to be there, I had to be. (someone has to fight Rusty)

    This past year I have found comics I PREFER in singles. FELL, LOCAL, CASANOVA, DESOLATION JONES, X-FACTOR, DD, and NEXTWAVE all work as singles. Now I've since started sending them to friends in the sandbox so I may rebuy them as trades (DJ and NW are definites) but they work on a monthly level.

    Obviously when a book is written to be a trade it works better that way. INVINCIBLE is awesome but painful monthly.

    Still, I'm ordering me some ABSOLUTE SANDMAN. Money be damned!

  8. Why is it you think Flash is so terrible? It's definatly a weak start but honestly WW has made me cringe more than Flash. Perhaps you're right, maybe I am Bart biased, but I don't think it's a terrible as you're making it out to be. The author seems to be setting up a heroic destiny story arch - the hero's refusal is one of the most basic steps in this type of story (he just needs to get over it soon). The romance that's begining between Bart and the scientist is sweet - it seems to me that someone has realized that a strong romance is important to the Flash character. Also, he is attempting to set up a personal villain - while the is a bit early for that, I understand the attempt. It's almost as if the writer needs to just step up the quality a bit... I think he deserves a bit more of a chance. Not like Bruce Jones who's NW makes me feel queasy. yuck.

  9. The first issue of Flash was almost unreadable. The second issue was marginal and the third was okay, but Grifter is weak and the art by Lashley is muddled. Saying it is better then Nightwing by Grayson or Jones is faint praise.

  10. Quick comments--

    Flash blows. Let's stop this garbage and start over.

    So happy to hear that Shawn has joined Jim and myself in giving away most singles we buy to people we think will like them. Like Shawn, I still buy Fell, X-factor, DD and NextWave in singles but then pass them on to friends and family who enjoy them immensely. This is how it should be.

    Invincible might be slow monthly, but no way can I wait for this book in trades. Best book on the racks by miles!!

  11. way to go with the constructive critism guys... *sigh*

  12. In regards to FELL, keep your singles (or do what I do and buy extra copies) because any collection ever done Ellis has already said will be WITHOUT backmatter! And that makes part of the book.

    CASANOVA too for those of us YOUNG enough to enjoy it. (Jim, why are you looking at me like that? lol)

    As far as the FLASH goes, BART is so written out of character that I believe they should have started over with a brand new character.

    Seriously, the original FLASH issues during WALLY WEST's run are more enjoyable and they are twenty years old and before Loebs really gave the book some punch before Waid made it one of the greatest books of the 90's.

    Lashley has some potential, but his sequentials need alot of work. The writing is OK. Obviously getting a better artist on the third issue proved its not all the writers doing. Bart's bland and a mere shadow of his former self.

    Just like the book is from its previous incarnation. A shadow.

    (That's better than just saying it blows!)

    BTW: Jim, we're doing the "pick a book and make it better" thing this Sunday. Give me yours and I'll read it. Peace.

    Or send it to Rusty. lol

  13. Shawn - Cassanova - you young whippersnappers have no idea what a good comic is!!!!!!!

    Maybe I'll re-read the first trade and see what I think again, I only gave it a one issue try out.

    I'll get my make over book to you befroe the show.

    Cshiana - The current Flash is a poorly done book and I think that DC should have watched over this book more before releasing it. I think it suffers from non-comic writers learning how to write comics and an artist who seems to lack his own skills in story telling. One or the other should have been more seasoned. The book may grow (and is showing signs), but by the time it gets good, it may have lost its fan base already.

  14. I agree that the start is slow and that Bart isn't his old self... DC should have watched the book more closely - HOWEVER - it is still better than WW and I think the writer has potential. They need more time to develop and should have started out on a less mainstream book.

  15. The Flash makes WW look like the Watchmen.

    At least you can look at WW. The Flash looks like an abstract painting.

    I can also understand WW.


    They should have brought John Fox back.