Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Web Confessions

I just heard on the news today that many people are making confessions online at various web confessional sites.

I love this idea and want any who visit to feel free to leave their confessions as a comment on my little blog. Let me hear about your sins and I will let you know if you are forgiven or not.

The idea of private moments and privacy really are becoming a quaint thing of the past.


  1. No sins to confess here. I don't say anything about anyone that I wouldn't say to their face. I don't cheat in relationships. I don't do drugs and only drink rarely. I stopped screwing the neighbor's cat a few years back. I try to lead a life where I don't have regrets or do thinks I would be ashamed of later on. You'll have to look elsewhere for your sinners Rev. Jim.

  2. Jeff- Cat screwing still has a penance. You are forgiven, but have to read last month's Marvel solicitations and count the number of times it says this one changes every thing or you can't miss this book. - Rev Jim

  3. wow, letting this godlike figure thing go to your head, eh? ;)

  4. Cshiana - For your penance you will be forced to read Devin Grayson's entire run of Nightwing out loud. - Nah if the god thing went to my head I would have started a new website with my gospel.