Friday, September 29, 2006

Supergirl #10 - A Review

Supergirl #10 - Writer - Joe Kelly, Artist - Ian Churchill, Inker - Norm Rapmund, Colorist - Rod Reis

Premise - Supergirl is trying to find herself and what her place in this world is and decided to try going to high school in a secret identity.

What I Liked:
1) The art. Ian Churchill has been growing as an artist and his first page of Kara walking into high school was great. He is also showing a strong ability to draw various body types and has clean solid layouts. The inker is complimenting his work well and the coloring is perfect for this book.
2) The entire going back to high school was done well. It has been a long time since I was in school and I was not a young girl in high school, so how much is really true or not is beyond me, but it read very well. It had humor and heartfelt moments through out the story.
3) The homage to the Linda Lee Danvers secret identity of the silver age Supergirl was also well done and understated.
4) The ending was fantastic, Supergirl reveals herself to her classmates and walks away from her try at being in school after being humiliated by a supposed friend.
5) The interaction with Wonder Girl and Captain Boomerang Jr.

What I didn't like:
1) Supergirl talking out Monsieur Mallah with one finger. Hate the uber powered people being so superior to anyone else. Plus enough with Monsieur Mallah - DC has other villains.
2) The flashbacks to Supergirl's early life. Still confused on the whole Kandor thing and her early years.

Side comment:
I swear I don't know why I like this book so much, because I thought it lacked direction, but I think it is supposed to lack direction as that is part of what Supergirl is going through. Joe Kelly and Ian Churchill have made me a fan of this book.

Overall Grade - B+


  1. I've been a Supergirl fan since the Matrix days - this book has been turning me off so far though. Ever since the Superman clone groping Kara's butt. ew.

  2. This issue made me a fan again. See what you think when you get it next week.