Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Odd Rant

Heavy workload and having to buy new glasses ate up my day, but it caused me to go to the mall and evoked this rant.

Who the hell decided that everything in a bathroom is run by sensors. The john doesn't flush until after you walk away from it, the water doesn't come on unless you break and a sensor and you have to wave your hand to get a god damn paper towel (and a small one at that). Hell the water doesn't run that long, god forbid you need to flush twice and if you want a second paper towel to dry you hands you might be waving at the damn thing all day.

What happens when the power goes out. I can understand some off it from a standpoint of not wasting water and what not, but still the water hardly runs long enough to really wash your hands and one towel the size that dispense is inadequate to dry your hands.

Stupid thing to rant about true, but it struck me as absurd and I still want to know how to we use the bathroom if there is no power?


  1. You could still use the bathroom in the dark without power, but I pity the next guy who needs to use the facilities, especially if you're dumping out the remains of a 4 chili pepper chimichanga. So you can go to the bathroom and pretend that you're in a future age a la the Jetsons. Everything is automatic. Don't even need to waste your energy turning a sink knob or flushing a urinal. Can't wait for the day when they get an automatic pants-puller-downer and a superfast butt-wiper. Ahh....dreams of the future......

  2. yeah, but I'd much rather have a hover board... why can't we develop less bathroom-esque futuristic stuff?

  3. You know you can flush the thing manually? There's always a small black button somewhere on the thing or on the wall behind it that you can push to manually operate it. And I don't know about your house, but mine only allows one flush if there's no power because I'm on well water, which is run by a pump, which requires electricity. So no power and toilet usage is something with which I'm familiar. You probably have less problem with the public toilet because the water still flows when there's no power. I don't know if there's a manual button for the sink or the paper towels.

    Just call me trivial information man.

  4. And let's not forget---when you feel the urge, the bladder you need to purge, just hit the outdoors, the backyard is all yours, duck behind the nearest bush, expose your naked tush, bend at the hip, let one rip, maybe even take a pee, just don't let the neighbors see, cuz when the power's out, there's no need to shout, from the day you left the womb, the whole world can be your bathroom.

  5. Why do bathroom rants generate more comments then other things?

  6. wow Jeff, that's some impressive poetry right there =P