Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Do I End Up As Wonder Woman??

You Are Wonder Woman

A true goddess, you have the strength and skills to rule the world.You're one sexy amazon... all of the superhero guys are fighting over you!
What Superhero Are You?
Okay my daughter sends me this link and she is Batman and I answer the questions and I am Wonder Woman. I mean I not sure if we have ever explored Wonder Woman's sexuality, but if I'm Wonder Woman we will be lesbian. Not sure if I'm into the bondage, but I'll try to adjust.

This was really way too funny as a good friend took the test and he was Superman. Somehow three fans of comics managed to be the DCU's Trinity.

Still - I wanted to be Batman - life can be tough sometimes, but I guess I have to take it like a man - but now like an Amazon?


  1. See the really funny thing here is I tried on our Wonder Woman costume today and I'm willing to bet I looked better in it than you would. But I'll be Batgirl for Halloween this year on the merit that I got a utility belt :)

  2. You can have the Wonder Woman costume. For Batgirl make sure it is the Babs version and not Cassie.

  3. it's neither - it's a store costume - kinda looks like Babs' but with a skirt