Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Comics Drive Me Nuts at Times - Catwoman #59

This issue has the type of stuff that drives me crazy. After the one year later jump we have Selina with her baby Helena, Holly as Catwoman and the strong implication that Catwoman has killed Black Mask.

The mystery of who is the father is played with and we are left to guess Bruce Wayne or Slam Bladley. Why these two, because these are the only two guys she hangs out with and she slept with Bruce Wayne. Instead the father is a deus ex machina plot of being Sam Bladley who in this issue she basically confronts Sam and says let's get it on.

TOTAL TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the next issue blurb is Selina has to choose between raising her baby and being Catwoman.

The total crap answer will be Selina gives the baby to Holly to raise and she goes back to being Catwoman. We find out Sam really killed Black Mask and in about five more issues we will never even hear about the child.

It is crap. Real change is it is Bruce's baby and she semi-retires and ends up as Bruce's partner on occasion, with Holly staying Catwoman and Selina taking on a new identity. Robin feels left out - yada, yada, yada. Stories of interest and stuff that would have fans flocking back to the books, but no it is the crap way out!!!!



  1. I never made it past the first issue of the OYL run.

    BATMAN holding a teddy bear was funny for 2 seconds.

    I was done then. lol

  2. You know, Selina slep with both Bruce and Slam. She never even went on a date with Sam before Crisis. What a crock that she would say, "Hey it's 9 months before I'm supposed to give birth so I better grab the first man I see and get some luvvin." The reason it's not Bruce is cuz he won't be able to take care of a baby or spend the kind of time with the child as it deserves. DC strongly feels that Bruce cannot be portrayed as a deadbeat dad. That's why they retconned his relationship with Talia. So Bruce is out. But Slam would have made a great Pop. Pulling this guy out of thin air that Selina never gave the time of day to before is garbage. DC has to do something to strengthen their superhero universe. 52 can't do everything. My comic guy says Marvel is gonna be the one to beat next year. Lots of interesting stuff spinning out of Civil War. Can't wait to see what it is.

  3. The problem Marvel has with Civil War is that if it falls flat on its face or people get tired of it, you can't just sweep it under the rug.

  4. You can sweep Civil War away like it never happened. After all, whatever happened to the mutants losing their powers? Seems like they're all back. And look at Morrison's X-men run. 3 years of work swept right under the rug. Marvel is the master at pretending things never happened. Remember when Johnny was gonna marry Alicia? She was revealed to be a Skrull even though continuity proved this to be impossible. Or how about the Clone Saga? Or when Peter hit MJ?? Hank hits Janet and he's labelled a wifebeater for life. Petey does the same thing and no one remembers it ever happened. And word over at DC is that Booster is back as well as Superboy. There is nothing that can't be undone.

  5. Its a different person as Booster. Superboy-Prime made an appearance.

    But your right about the sweeping under the rug. The problem is that if Marvel does it this time there will be ALOT of pissed off fans because of all the time and Money spent into this CW stuff.

    I don't think they'll get away with it so easily this time. All the spin-offs titles that tie into it will be hurt if they do that.

    We'll have to wait and see.

  6. wow, glad I'm not reading Catwoman, I'm angry enough at Morrison's Batman...

  7. hee hee

    I like Morrison's "love-god" Batman.

    Its awesome. lol

  8. And the dialogue was horrible in that scene especially! I've watched porn with better sex scene setups. The whole "We're adults, so let's act like it.." I guess 'being an adult' means having random, unprotected sex with your ex-lover's son, just because. good to know, I suppose. When next the opportunity presents itself I'll know just what to do!