Saturday, September 23, 2006

Illegal Immigration - #1 Problem for the US

While we have had a great ongoing commentary about the war (for the record I think it was wrong - but now we have to exit and soon), I believe illegal immigration is the number one problem facing the US at this time.

It is a definite disconnect that our rulers (what the elected officials think of themselves) and big business want the illegal immigration and the vast majority of Americans are against it. The overwhelming problems that this 15-20 million people are causing in our country need to be fixed and fixed immediately.

Illegal immigrants are not needed by us and in fact are displacing many younger workers (especially American blacks) and creating strains on our medical and social support systems.

Illegal immigrants are an insult to the many hard working and legal immigrants who have followed our rules to become part of this country.

We need a fence across the border and we need it now. The US supported a fence to block illegal immigrants in Iraq, but have yet to do it here. The amount of crime that is coming into our country is also untenable. In Baltimore, Maryland two people were charged with essentially decapitating people and the strong suspicion is they did not pay the crime cartel the money they owed for bringing them into the US. People who live on the Arizona border have had their property destroyed and have been threatened by immigrants who come over the border every night. There are estimates that 10,000 people a day are coming across the border.

If we do not solve this problem it will be the end of the US as we know it and the middle class will be completely eroded and we will be a country and have and have nots.

Hazelton, PA has become a rallying point against illegal immigration as this sleepy PA town was having enormous problems with gangs and being over run with illegal immigrants. The Mayor and city council took a stand and now has the ACLU fighting them to change their ordinaces. Read up on it and it is fascinating stuff.

We cannot allow a short sighted big business community and our elected officials to get away with destroying our country from within.

Each of us needs to take a stand.


  1. Man, you really need to get some more home improvements done before saying we don't need illegals. We sure as hell do! They have become a crucial component to our economy. Try getting your house painted or roof re-done or driveway repaved or siding put on or lawn mowed without illegals. Sure, you could do it, but you'd be paying triple what you do now. We need them. They get paid much more here than in Mexico. It's win win. The only problem is the open border. Look, if we just put more border patrol, a number adequate to do the job, between us and Mexico we need not change any laws. Just enforce the ones already on the books, leave the 12 millioin already here alone unless they cause trouble and let's get on with living. Here in NJ we have lots of illegals. Everybody knows who they are, but we don't turn them in as all they want is a better life and they give us cheap labor in return. Teenagers won't do these jobs anymore as they are way too pampered. Black teens won't do the work cuz they say that they aren't slaves so why should they work for slave wages in the hot, boiling sun? The illegals are the only ones who'll do these horrible jobs. We need them and God do I ever love 'em! Would have cost me $20,000 to put a new roof on my house without them. With it was only $6,000. Can't beat that with a stick.

  2. Jeff - You see that is taking a short term gain for a long term loss. The illegals are the only ones who will do these jobs for lousy wages - wrong - the roofing industry has 30% illegals by most estimates, but that means 70% are legal people who do the work. America will do the work, but then employees may have to pay a better wage and pay more taxes for their employees.

    As for work around the house I found a place to do my fence repair and they do all sorts of home improvements and they are a group put together by a black gentleman who has are legal people doing all sorts of side jobs. We had a fence repair done and they did a decent job for a fair wage.

    Also the strain that the illegals have put on our social system are enormous. Our schools and ERs can't take the strain.

    Look at the massive protests that were put together in a heartbeat demanding rights for illegals - only in America.

    We have a 4-5% unemployement rate, we have plenty of people who need jobs. I'd rather pay a true wage to have my repairs done by a firm that will be there tomorrow, so if there is a problem I can go back to that business.

    Supporting a firm that exploits people is not a good idea and the impact to our country is a price that is too high to pay.

    Also the suppression of wages is never a good thing. We have an economy that has been growing at a higher rate then real wages. How can this be healthy long term?

    Check into what is happening in Arizona and California and see if you still think this is a good thing (or Hazelton, PA).

  3. Hmmm....your numbers are confusing. First, I would beg to differ with the stats that say only 30% of workers willing to do hell jobs are illegals. Maybe that's true for all of the US, but on the 2 coasts it's nearly 100% illegals, even in a small town like the one I live in. Second, you start by saying that the unemployment is 4.5%. True enough, but how does that mean there are a lot of people who need jobs? 4.5% is incredibly low. There is no such thing as zero unemployment and right around 4 means that everyone who is able and willing to work is working.
    My point is that there is no need to change the rules of the game. Is it illegal to just walk over the border from Mexico? Certainly. So let's tighten up security there, but let's not waste time and money trying to round up the illegals who are already here and contributing to society. If they get found, fine, send them back to Mexico. But before you go on a manhunt to get em all, just think what you would do if you were in their shoes. Wouldn't you cross the border to try and make your family a better life?
    As to the drain on our economy, there has not been any resonable data gathered yet measuring the cost/benefit of having illegals. The cost us in some ways, benefit us in others. All I know is that there is no way the elderly folk who live in my community could afford to pay $50 a week to get their lawn mowed(this is the cost without illegals compared to $25 a week with) or $8,000 every time the house needed painting. We do need these illegals. No one else will do the jobs they will. That's just the way it is. You might be able to find exceptions here and there, but illegals are the main workforce for construcion all up and down the east and west coasts.

  4. Jeff - You and I disagree. All the data that I have seen shows that the majority of the work force is not illegals. Even if it is true would those jobs go unfilled if a living wage was paid.

    Based on your replies it appears that slavery would be okay with you also.

    Plus - what about the insult to all that people who have worked to be legal.

    Also the illegals are easy prey for the gangs and that is a growing problem, making certain areas unsafe, that were safe five years ago.

  5. Nah, slavery doesn't benefit the worker willing to pick cotton in the hot southern sun so I'm totally against it. See, I believe in freedom and liberty. If you are looking to make more money than you can in your home country due to a corrupt gov't, then it is your right to try and cross the border into the land of opportunity. It is also our right to find these people breaking our laws and send them packing back to their country of origin. But if they are not huring anyone and are doing jobs that Americans are unwilling to do, where's the harm?

  6. They they should be legal, not illegal. Plus there is harm. The school systems are burdened with teaching English as well as school and we have har ERs closing down in communities because of illegals who can't pay for services.