Monday, February 14, 2011

The Week of February 9 in Review

So I decided to give each book some attention this week and that caused the normal format to fall apart. This is more akin to Gwen’s fistful of reviews with a much bigger fistful.

Cinderella Fables are Forever #1 – The start of a new mini-series and this book hits the mark. I mean we open with Cindy in a bikini, hell it can’t go wrong from there. I hope this becomes a series of mini-series as this issue is stronger than the last mini-series already.

Batman and Robin #20 – It is a shame we had that three issue gap before we got the Tomasi and Gleason’s run on this book. A great opening and I can see a long run on this book for this team as Batman and Robin is back as one DC’s top books.

New Avengers #9 – I loved the Nick Fury stuff and really want a Nick Fury series that would cover his entire history after WWII. Still hate the $4 price tag as the extra is some bull crap oral history of the Avengers.

Batgirl #18 – This is just a great series that is always good and consistently entertaining. If I was to purge my list down this book would not be considered. This book has done a great job of making Stephanie into the best Batgirl ever.

BPRD Hell on Earth Gods #2 (of 3) – A terrific series that is always enjoyable. The inside front cover tells the story that we are on issue #75 of BPRD, phenomenal.

Spawn #202 I can’t believe I’m reading Spawn and I can’t believe this series is so good right now. I have never liked Spawn and never read Spawn for probably 180 issues or so.

Walking Dead #81 –The success of the TV show has not dimmed the work Kirkman is doing on the actual series itself. Often when a creator starts finding success in other arenas their writing suffers, not here. Always a top notch series and this issue is another winner.

Justice League Generation Lost #19 – Really, really, did DC just actually kill the new Blue Beetle. I get Max Lord repeating history, but with the alien armor I’m expecting Jamie to just be down for the count and not dead. If he is dead, I will be ticked off.

Flash #9 – The beginning of Flashpoint and this promises to be a convoluted alternative time line generated time travel story, after the first arc, which was a time travel story. The new Flash series is decent, but the actual building of a series has not taken place at all. Plus Iris looks like she is about 25 years old; these characters should have a little age on them.

Birds of Prey #9 – Good story, the artwork is very weak and hurting this book.

Next Men #3 – Wow, I have no clue what is going on, but Byrne’s art looks the best it has in years.

Atomic Robo #3 of 5 – Not the strongest premise this time, but I love the joy that emanates from this comic.

Doc Savage #11 – The story finally is coming together, but another book where the art is weak.
Superman #708 – OMG a story sprouted up finally. I loved the Wonder Woman appearance and the fact that apparently she is part of the DCU in her new incarnation. This issue saved me from canning this series.

Farscape #16 – This week’s theme for many books, loved the story weak art.

Warlord of Mars #4 – Continuing the same theme, weak art, good story.

Red Robin #20 – A solid entertaining series.

Rebels #25 – A very good series, always seems to know where it is going and solid art by St. Aubin.

Adventure Comics #523 – Nice to see Phil Jimenez artwork, it is always great stuff and sort of the heir to George Perez. A bunch of new characters, we will see if the story can match the art.

Amazing Spider-Man #654 – Matthew covered this Saturday, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying Spider-Man. I thought I may never read this series again.

Widowmaker #4 (of 4) – Did nothing and was a waste of my time and money.

Punishermax #10 – There was no explanation in the book about what happened to this series. Not every fan reads the internet for comic news. Picked up from where we left, a middle chapter, well done.

Osborn #3 (of 5) – It is okay, not great, but I’m in this deep I might as well finish the mini-series.

Black Panther #515 – I gave this series a decent try out, but David Liss has not delivered on the promise of his Phantom Reporter story. The book is okay, but flat and in today’s economy and my reading list it is not enough to continue.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #7 – A Prelude to the War of Green Lanterns, the whole damn series has been a prelude. Writing to get to the event is not a great idea and at this point I’m still not sure of all the players in this war.

Incredible Hulks #622 – This book had terrific art and the storyline is okay but not great. The Chaos Wars screwed up the continuity on this title.

Heroes for Hire #3 Taking too long to get to the point of the Puppet Master plot, plus the art borders on super hero generic work.

Wolverine 5.1 – What a crock, this was not even close to a jumping on point. It was a nice stand alone story and had a weak tie-in to issues coming up down the road, but not what was advertised.

Unwritten #22 – Two issues back into this series and I’m really enjoying it. I think the series needed to be further into the story to really hook me.
Titans #32 – This is taking way too long to get to Deathstroke’s mission. Also depowering Freddy from being the new Captain Marvel was lame. I hate that I invested a 12 part series to see the new Captain Marvel be created to be uncreated so soon.

Thunder Agents #4 – The back story on Dynamo was great and the main plot actually took a step forward. We need the main plot to now take front and center.

Northlanders #37 – Who knew the Vikings invaded Paris. This is a fun series and the beginning of a new arc. I love that it has no continuing characters so every new arc is a great jumping on point.

Incognito #3 – Another good issue in what has to be Brubaker’s best work at this point.

And this is why since I like doing the other format better now that I can’t comment on every book I get when I get so many books in a week. Wow that is a lot to read. The good news out of all of those books I only dropped the Black Panther series.

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  1. Your list for one week is longer than my list for an entire month, especially if I don't get any free stuff.