Friday, February 02, 2007

Action Figures

I have found that DC action figures have been a great weakness for me. I have more of them then I have the right area to display them in.
For awhile I lived in an apartment that had ledges around almost the length of the entire too bedrooms. Those ledges were my bookcases and a perfect home for all of my action figures.
I tried to eliminate some of my excess action figures by mailing them to friends and tried to cut down on what I have, but some of these figure are so much fun I can't resist. Damn DC. I have one or two Marvel figures, but have managed to avoid expanding my illness and have avoided figures from other companies, but with some of the products that are due to be offered it is hard to resist.
What's worse is that now the figures are being made slightly larger, so you have to separate the older ones from the newer figures. The older ones are like now second class figures.
It is really a sad thing. What is even worse is that I have 2 different version of Zatanna.
There must be a AFA group around (Action Figures Anonymous).
Pictured are the two figures that will be making the trip home with me this Wednesday.
Now Martian Manhunter is a favorite character of mine and this is the best looking action figure of him that I have seen. We will leave alone why I'm getting the Brainiac figure (but many of you know anyway).

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