Monday, February 05, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

It's a four week month which means almost no light weeks (although next week right now looks okay).

52 #40 - We are in the last quarter of this book. Last issue was really good with Lex Luthor
showing his true self. Looking forward to this issue.

Action Annual #10 - This issue promises to reveal hints of things to come and I hope a cohesive story also. Action has been a very delayed book and it is starting to hurt the flow of the story. I don't want hints, I want what is happening.

Atom #8 - The bloom is off the rose and we have to see if Gail Simone has a good solid course to set this series in for a long run. This has been a good third generation Atom.

Astro City The Dark Age Book Two #2 - It seems like a long time since last issue. Still last issue was solid as we get into the middle arc of the overriding Dark Age story. Busiek & Anderson so it should be good.

Detective Comics #828 - Another Paul Dini and Don Kramer production. Each issue has been a very good comic, my expectations are for nothing less this issue.

Helmet of Fate : Sargon - These books have been surprises. I have had zero expectations and still do as the helmet moves from person to person and from creative team to creative team. This issue Steve Niles and Scott Hampton bring us Sargon's turn with the Helmet of Fate.

Jonah Hex #16 - This book has been great, so no worries going in. It is so great to see monthly westerns again.

Justice Society - Volume 2 - Trade Paperback - Reprinting the Justice Society material from the short lived revival in the seventies I believe. Some good and some mediocre stuff, much of it nullified by Crisis on Infinite Earths, but still entertaining.

Loveless #15 - The Vertigo western. Another series I really love. A western that has many under currents in it. We still do not know the fate of Wes Cutter since he was shot in the back a couple issues ago.

Midnighter #4 - More time travel madness with Midnighter. Ennis is having a lot of fun with this arc, looking forward to this issue.

Mystery In Space #6 (of 8) - This has been a well done mini-series and I'm anxious to see how Captain Comet resolves his battles, especially since the main villains are clones of the Captain.

Nightwing #129 - New artist Jamal Igle starts, which maybe the boost to bring this book all the way back from the dregs it was in a five months ago to a solid series again.

Other Side #5 (of 5) - The end of this Viet Nam era mini-series and I assume a final showdown between the two soldiers from both sides. Looking forward to this as this will make or break this series.

Outsiders - #45 - The continuation of the one year later secrets. This has continued to be a solid series and no reason this book would be any different.

Scalped #2 - The first issue was unreal as we find that the "bad guy" we were following is an undercover FBI agent. Really looking forward to this book.

Shazam The Monster Society of Evil #1 (of 4) - My most anticipated book of the week. Jeff Smith doing an older time version of Shazam. It should be glorious.

Supergirl #14 - Eh! My feeling has been more cold then hot on this book and after the editor's rant on this book (see brainiac6's post) I have more doubts.

Welcome to Tranquility #3 - Second issue was better then the first, hear is hoping Gail Simone can make me a believer in this series.

Bullet Points - #4 (of 5) - This has been a great little What If tales crafted around the premise that one event causes a chain reaction that re-writes all of Marvel's history. Good read.

Fantastic Four The End #5 (of 6) - Alan Davis doing future and of what if stories does a great job. He respects the work and understands the heart of a series and then has fun with it. Looking forward to this book.

Hulk #103 - I think this is the end of Planet Hulk. My interest is waning on this book, a lot.

Newuniversal #3 - Exact opposite on this book. Ellis has another home run on his hand and if the artist could stop photo referencing every character that would be nice too.

Spider-Man Reign #3 (0f 4) - Interesting little series. Some have said Dark Knight rip-off, but I think it is just a dark dystopian future which is not just the province of Dark Knight. Still the proof for this series will be in how it ends.

Squadron Supreme - Hyperion vs Nighthawk #2 ( of 4) - Last issue ended great with Nighthawk having countered Hyperion's powers and shocking the sh*t out of Hyperion. So how did he do it?
Ultimate Spider-Man #105 - The clone saga is over and now we have 15 year old (forever) Peter Parker having to decide if he wants the powers or not.

Uncanny X-Men #483 - Brubaker's 12 part (yawn - excuse me) saga. This is a book that needs to pick up and be more exciting. Of course having to give all the core group of X-Men away to Whedon has hamstrung Carey and Brubaker.

White Tiger #3 (of 6) - Interesting little series, but has not risen to anything other then that.

X-Men Annual - #1 - No idea what this Annual will be about, so no expectations.

Fell #7 - Really it is coming out this week and is much anticipated as it was one of last year's great series and has been missed by it's too long hiatus. Ellis and Templesmith at the top of their game. Can't wait.

Desperadoes Buffalo Dreams #2 (of 4) - Love this series of mini-series. The artist (Dose) is the weakest artist so far on this book and he is still a decent artist.

Leading Man #5 (of 5) - The wrap (since it is a movie star thing). I have enjoyed this book, the premise was fun, the story has been solid and the art clean and crisp. Sorry to see it end.

Lone Ranger #4 - Hi-ho Silver. I believe this is the origin of Silver. It's like a batmobile for a cowboy. Three western series, I'm enjoying that, but couldn't they have been spread out more?

Tag: Cursed #1 (of 5) - The return of the Tag series and I believe we are exploring more of the curse this time. Should be macabre fun.

War of the Undead #2 (of 3) - Goofy little story that I'm not even sure why I'm getting it. The Undead during WWII.

Wormwood : Gentleman Corpse #5 - Ben Templesmith as artist and writer. A very bizarre premise, but wonderful artwork and wickedly funny characters.

This looks to be a very good week for comics.


  1. Holy Crap, Batman!!! What a great week for comics! Most of the best comics being produced today all coming out in the same week. Wormwood Gentleman Corpse? Pure genius! Jeff Smith's Shazam should be fantastic. Fell rocks on all cylinders. Loveless is fast becoming Azzarello's best work to date. New Universe is another gem from Ellis. Jonah Hex is better than you might think. And Tec gets better with each issue. I think Harley Quinn is either in this issue or next. Harley+Dini= pure magic. Top this off with another fine issue of 52 and the news of a new issue of Invincible next week and you've got me breaking out the dogsled so I can get to the comic shop this wednesday during the deep freeze we're under.

  2. It really is an incredible week. Nice, since the last couple have been only okay.

  3. I'm guessing we'll get Mon'el's "new" orgin in Action. It's cool that they seem to be going back to the original Mon'el story (at least from what's been said in Legion).