Monday, February 19, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

When I have list like I do this week I almost think I should post what I don’t get. A lot of books and two hard covers make the comic shop owner a happy person.

52 #42 – Last issue was little moments and I enjoyed it. This issue I’m expecting some more ramping up to WW III.

Aquaman #49 – A sad issue as this is Kurt Busiek’s last issue as he needed more time on his schedule to work on a “secret” project at DC. Still Tad Williams is coming on with issue #50 and I think he may have been the perfect guy to follow Busiek.

Birds of Prey #103 – Gail Simone continues to make this book rock. Oracle, Barda, Huntress, Manhunter and Zinda (Lady Blackhawk) all really make this book a lot of fun.

Brave & Bold # 1 – FINALLY. Mark Waid and George Perez with the return of the Brave and Bold title. Really looking forward to this and trying to reign in my expectations as I don’t want to kill the book with expectations that can’t be met.

Catwoman #64 – Selina is trying to save Holly from a murder rap by breaking into Lex corporation. Should be good as Will Pfeifer has really don as nice job as the writer on this book. I just really wanted Holly to take over the role permanently.

Checkmate #11 – The spotlight moves to Fire, who has again become a character I really love. This is really a well done book and should be a must read for people. Political intrigue, super heroics, spy games, it has everything and is done well.

Hellblazer #229 – A brief one shot by Michael Carey before Andy Diggle takes over the book. With Carey and John Paul Leon it should be a good read. Amazing that this book is up to #229.

Helmet of Fate – Black Alice – Continuing our spotlights on various magical characters in the DCU. Black Alice I believe is a Gail Simone creation and she can steal any magical persons powers and use them as her own for awhile. Steve Niles is the writer and Scott Hampton is the artist, should be good.

Ion #11 – Donna Troy's coming to see Kyle about a crisis. Okay how many universes are there floating around in the DCU and are they are crossing over or what. Is Action a different DCU then Superman. I have a feeling we will have more questions then answers out of this book, but I’m looking forward to ION (there I said it, I’m looking forward to Ion).

Kamandi Archives #2 – I never got into Kamandi when the book came out and now that we have two Archives volumes of Kamandi I’m really looking forward to reading it. Jack Kirby may not have been the best writer, but his concepts and ideas were often nothing short of amazing and this was when he was still in his prime for concepts. I always wished he had been pared with a writer, but after all the years with Stan Lee I think he wanted full credit for what he was doing.

Omega Men #5 (of 6) – I have a feeling this book is tying into WWIII, but who really knows. Anyway writer Andersen Gabrych and artist Flint Henry have made this a crazy and enjoyable space epic.

Robin #159 – Tim on a first date. Adam Beechen and Freddie Williams have made this book a great read month in and month out.

Rush City #5 (of 6) – Dixon and Tim Green have made a throw away series a great read and Rush is a really cool character who just oozes a almost charismatic feel to him. I want to see a second mini-series and I would love to see him show up in a Batman comic one day. A very neat non-powered hero.

Shadowpact #10 – Willingham was supposed to be writer and artist, but I think he has only drawn three issues, but that’s okay as this book rocks. Nightmaster has a sword in his chest and is dying and Blue Devil seems to be heading for full Demon status.

Spirit #3 – Story and Art by Darwyn Cooke and an apparent flash back tale telling us the origin of the Spirit. I love this book.

Superman #659 – This issue is a flashback tale and seems to be a treading water issue. All the Superman books have been entertaining but the over all story plan that seemed to be brewing with Superman and Action has been side tracked by the very late Action Comic issues. Still looks to be a good issue with Busiek and Nicieza writing and Pacheo and a new artist Pete Vale as artist.

Testament #15 – The Babel story continues. Really a book that needs to be read to understand it and even then it is not 100% clear. Douglas Rushkoff as the writer blends a science fiction near future with biblical stories and the art is by Liam Sharp, very enjoyable and a challenging read.

Wonder Woman #4 – Who cares. I hear #5 may just be pushed off and the next issue will be the new team (not sure is they will skip the numbering or not). This book is just totally off the tracks and the first five issues should just be ignored as an Elseworlds or be the multi-verse that is destroyed in the next crisis.

Amazing Spider-Man #538 – The end of the Civil War and the last Civil War tie-in for Spider-Man. Marvel is saying much, so I have no clue is this is post Civil War #7 or before it.

Civil War #7 (of 7) – The 500 pound gorilla arrives this week. This series has sucked and the whole Marvel Universe has been delayed as this book has been delayed. I don’t believe the ending can save this series, but it is still a book that I’m curious to read to see if Marvel has any guts to make any long lasting changes to their Universe.
Iron Fist #3 – Danny Rand meets the prior Iron Fist. Brubaker and Fraction as co-writers have crafted an interesting premise for Iron Fist and I’m enjoying this book (the whole forever legacy could be old, but let’s see what their idea is first before I scrag it).

Legion of Monsters :Werewolf by Night #1 – By Mike Carey and Greg Land (ugh). Still I love the old Werewolf by Night character and can not wait for this book.

Marvel Masterworks DD – Volume #4 – This was almost the first Masterworks I skipped as Daredevil was not really that good in this era and the whole triple identity thing where Matt Murdock pretended to be his identical twin brother Mike Murdock and was DD was just silly.

New Avengers: Illuminati #2 (of 5) – Continuing the retro-con of the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe. This issue focuses on the Infinity Gauntlet. Not really high on this book, but curiosity has the better of me.

Punisher War Journal #4 – The funeral of the Stilt-Man – should be amusing.

She-Hulk #16 – She-Hulk teamed with Wolverine, the book must really need sales. This book is still okay, but it used to be so much more. I have a feeling this book will not last much longer.

Silent War #2 (of 6) – This issue really surprised me as I went in with limited expectations, Dave Hine and Frazer Irving made the Inhumans versus the US a very well told tale of how a war gets started and how things can go wrong in a hurry.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #39 – Diablo shows up in the Ultimate Universe to plague the FF. Mike Carey continues his run on this books. Curious to see if this is better then his first arc.

X-Men First Class #6 (of 8) – Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz have delivered a highly enjoyable run on seeing the first X-Men (updated into more modern times) in new adventures.

Invincible #39 – I love this book, everyone should buy this book.

Nightly News #4 – Wow this book is an excoriating indictment of the media and more. Full of facts that you can ignore and enjoy the story or read the facts and learn. The Voice (a cult like sect) versus the media moguls of the world.

Conan #37 – More barbarian goodness from Truman and Cary Nord – glad we are back to the early Conan years.

30 Days of Night – Spreading the Disease #3 (of 5) – We continue to follow our FBI agent into what the hell is going on with the Astronauts from last mini-series and what is going on with the disease. A very good series.

Local #8 (of 12) – Welcome back. I have missed seeing this book for awhile and look forward to our next city and to see where Megan is now.

Walk-In #3 – Read #1 and then missed #2, I’ll see if 3 continues to draw me into this offbeat story.

Wasteland #7 – Great book by Anthony Johnston. This issue is I believe a stand alone by a guest artist before the next big arc begins. This book has a really great feel to it and I have enjoyed ever issue.

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