Monday, February 12, 2007

New Hourman vs Old Hourman

Okay I just had to bring my Golden Age Hourman figure home from work and compare it to the new Hourman figure. As you can see the old one looks positively, well less then manly compared to the new figure. It is amazing how much they have changed these figures and made them bigger and badder looking then ever before.
It reminds me of the same way they constantly reprint the same material in better formats and sucker me into buying the same stuff at least twice.


  1. I love your big manly hourman no matter what the size!!

    Umm, that sounds bad, I love your action figure JIM!!!

    Ok... how about... You're action figure is showing in public! That's kinda.. you know... embarrassing.

    Oh heck with it. You're right. They don't look the same.

  2. Oh I see the difference now... the smaller one is the GOLDEN AGE version while the larger, more manly one is the MODERN AGE version.

    The difference all makes sense now!

  3. Wow, I finally had the time to get a comment out to you guys. I love it when y'all go over the solicitations. Looking forward to the marvel one (I want that Spidey Newpaper strip HC).

    Jim, when are we going to get your full version of the Children of Men (CoM) film review?

    Lee, did you ever get to see the CoM movie? I think I saw an ad for the Presige DVD - I think that's the one about the competing magicians you mentioned the other week.

    Isn't there a way to spell check yourself on this thing?

  4. Matthew - no way to spell check in comments, which is a pain to me as I rely on spell check way too much.

    As for a full Children of Men film review, I don't know. But it is a good idea for a post.