Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Spirit #3 - A Review

Writer and Artist - Darwyn Cooke, Inker - J. Bone, Colorist - Dave Stewart

Premise: An origin issue for The Spirit. Via flashback we see why Denny Colt now prefers to be known as the Spirit and what drives him.

What I Liked:

1) The story. It starts off with a few pages that reveals a killer's name that makes the Spirit re-live the night he died. The flashback (which is the vast majority of the story) is narrated by Denny Colt (The Spirit), his mentor Commissioner Dolan, his sidekick (a hack cab driver), his girl friend Ellen Dolan and the villain of the piece. As each person picks up the narrative the story still flows from page to page to tell how Denny stops the terrorist only to die in a toxin that mimics death. A few days later Denny emerges out of a mausoleum and decides that since he is "dead" he will be the Spirit. He dons a domino mask and his father's lucky hat as a "disguise". At the end he discovers the hired bodyguard of the terrorist is also still alive. Great stuff, very true to the essence of the character yet updated very well. Every element of the character is established in one single issue.

2) The art. The flashback is in a sketchier style, which works for this book. I love Darwyn's Cooke art, but at the animated style is still not my favorite style of art, but it is perfect for this book. Actually Cooke makes his animated style work for every piece of work he has done. Dave Stewart really uses a deft touch in his coloring to enhance this book, especially well done in the flashback part of the book.

3) Respect. This book respects what the character was and still manges to make it a modern story and make it entertaining. On top of that it is a one and done story and could easily be read and enjoyed by any age comic reader. It is a modern silver age book, one that is fun, all ages and yet is not dumbed down as many all age reads appear to be.

What I Didn't Like:

1) Nothing

Grade A

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  1. Thank God for The Spirit and Darwyn Cooke! This is such a great book it's impossible to put into words the thrill I get when I see a new issue on the racks. Cooke stays true to the past but tweaks it just enough to make it contemporary. Kudos to everyone who works on this book! Truly the best book on the stands today.