Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Thoughts - Political and Comic Books

1) What ever happened to the second part of Ultimate Iron Man? All Star Batman? Action Comics by Johns and Donner, Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine, Wonder Woman? All good reasons to just buy the trades I guess.

2) Obama - Why is he the media darling? Is it artificial white guilt? I certainly have none. This guy believes government is the answer for everything. Give me a candidate who thinks that government is not the answer to everything. Is there one out there?

3) Sticking with politics, the republicans and the democrats have almost become the same party. I can no longer in good conscience really support any party and find it nearly impossible to support any candidate. How can a country that was founded by revolutionaries and by all accounts have an inherent distrust for government support bigger and bigger government.

4) What would it take for you to get up and actually protest something the government is doing or not doing?

5) Rush City from DC comics was advertised as almost being an ad for a new car from Pontiac, I believe. This was such a disservice as this is a great little mini-series and the new character Rush is the coolest new non-powered hero to be introduced in a long time.

6) Why does DC have so many non-super heroes versus Marvel?

7) I hear DC plans to marry off Black Canary and Green Arrow. This just sucks, because Black Canary is so much her own woman that I do not believe she would ever settle for Ollie Queen who sleeps around so much. Yet, we can't have Nightwing and Babs get together - ARGHHHH. Is it just me or does DC just like to frell with want I want to see happen.

8) Civil War is over. After 124 tie ins and extra books and bonuses, is everyone comic fan now officially over cross overs again. Don't make them do Secret Wars III or War of the Gods II to finally push you over the edge.

9) Has Marvel now broken their original universe so bad that it can't be fixed? I know only time will tell but boy have they taken my interest level down even another notch. The best series starting the X-Men is X-Men first Class and the best Avengers book by many reviews is the Marvel Adventure Avengers book. The best Marvel series now are the ones that stay away from any continuity at all. Pretty damn sad.

10) The rest of the comic industry is bursting at the seams with fun and innovative books, IDW, ONI, Image, Dark Horse, Virgin, Boom Studios, Evil Twin Comics. Granted there is a lot of garbage out there also, but if you buy comics at all please try to make a larger percentage of what you buy the independents. I almost believe that Vertigo and Icon should be included with the independents as both lines are at least different. I would just like to see the other companies combined be 35% of the market or maybe even 40%.

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  1. I don't know...right now Obama is the Main Man and I really want to see him as Prez. He's much better than Hilary, Rudy, McCain or any other candidate out there right now. Plus, Clinton is usiing every dirty trick in the book to try and smear Obama. He has thus far fended off the attacks with grace and ease. Excellent qualities for our Commander In Chief.
    Yes, Marvel has ruined their universe, but at the same time they have made it interesting to see just how they will proceed from here on out. Will creators just ignore the Civil War decree and do their own thing? Will fans rise up in protest and force reform as they did during the Clone Saga?
    Older comic creators, guys in their late 30's-early 40's, are still enamored with the comic landscape of their youth. That's why Smith would only do GA if Ollie was behind the mask. They love that old stuff and want to keep it that way forever. Joe Q wants to return Pete to a young, single, college kid even though a whole generation of fans now cannot remember a time when Pete and MJ weren't wed. These guys are standing in the way of change. They won't let go of the past so Ollie will marry Dinah and Nightwing can't marry Babs as he will forever be the kid sidekick in these guys' minds.
    All Star Batman has officially been pushed back to May. Why not just ax this book? Most people hate it anyway. Just end the farce and cancel it.
    Yes, Outrage has died in this country. We have given up so much freedom and are being taxed to death but no one gets riled. I don't know if the apathetic Gen Xers can get mad about anything. Lets line them up and kick them in the nuts to see if that does it.