Monday, February 26, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

For me this is a cheaper weak as no hard cover or trades that I’m getting are coming out, of course it is the last week of a four week month so that means it is a crushing number of regular books.

52 #43 - Wow last issue with the conclusion of Ralph Dibny’s story was a real winner in my book, with only 10 issues to go we have lots of ground to cover and I expect each issue will really be moving full speed ahead now.

Action Comics #846 – DC still says it is part three of the “Last Son” arc by Johns and Donner, that would be nice and then there is I believe a three issue break before the rest of the arc. (sigh). Late books suck.

American Virgin #12 – Adam is again over his head and stuck in a sexual decadent house. This series has to have an ending to make this book any good, as Adam cannot continue to have this journey without some resolution.

Batman Confidential #3 – Diggle and Portacio continue their arc on this series. The Bat plane is introduced. I find it amusing that so much focus is given to the accessories that Batman has, as I find the person and his quest more interesting. Portacio is a good artist, but it his work does not feel right for Batman in my opinion.

Blue Beetle #12 – This book made it one year and I think it is one of the better books out there for a fun read and is pretty much an all age thing. Hope this character has at least a 50 issue run.

Side Note: Since most series get cancelled after a while, would it not make more sense to write a book as a four / five year story and then rest the title a year or so until a new concept is presented that feels right for the book.

Connor Hawke Dragon’s Blood #4 (of 6) – Continuing the fast paced adventure of Connor Hawke by Dixon and Donovan. Great read and highly entertaining. Chuck Dixon flat out writes entertaining comics.

Crossing Midnight #4 – Mike Carey and Jim Fern are producing one of the most absorbing and interesting stories being published in comics. This horror, fantasy, coming of age, Japanese mythology story is really so well done, that I’m sure many non-comic fans would enjoy it.

Deadman #7 – Getting deeper into the mystery of the Deadman. I know this book will not last long, but the art of John Watkiss and the story of remote viewing and parallel worlds is fascinating stuff to me.

Exterminators #14 – Simon Oliver and Tony Moore continue the fight against bugs and madness in this cool series.

Firestorm #33 – Dwayne McDuffie jumps in as writer and has Jason and Prof. Stein (combined they are Firestorm) going toe to toe with the New Gods. This book has been a solid run and has firmly established Jason as the new Firestorm. I hear it has been cancelled, but a three run is a good start for a second/third tier character.

Flash #9 – I want to have trumpets playing as we get a new writer Marc Guggenheim taking over the reigns on Bart’s turn as the Flash. This series suffered from the launch, but I have high hopes that Marc can make this book at least a solid and entertaining read. Given the act he is following it should be easy to improve.

Green Lantern #17 – The end of the “Wanted Hal Jordan” arc and it should be good. The last two arcs have been really well done and have me back as a reluctant fan of this book. Reluctant because as much as I love Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen I think their time on center stage is over and I was happier when Kyle and Connor were the head liners.

Hawkgirl #61 – Hawkgirl begins her search for Hath-Set and is determined to end the cycle her and Carter have been trapped in for thousands of years.

Jack of Fables #9 – Okay will this be part 2 of the Jack Frost story or part 2 of the Vegas story. I’m confused as last issue was supposed to conclude the Jack Frost story, but we jumped into this story.

JLA Classified #35 – The 4th part of the 5 part arc called the “The 4th Parallel”. This has been one of my favorite arcs on this title. Dan Slott, Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway have combined to tell a really solid JLA adventure.

JSA Classified #23 – A two issue story starts in this issue that features one of my favorite characters Dr. Midnight. Not familiar with the writer so I have no true expectations. Which is hard one when it is a character I really like.

Justice #10 (of 12) – This has been a very good story and by all accounts it should have been All Star Justice League. If it had been an All Star book the solid bi-monthly schedule that they have maintained would have added some more credibility to the line. The big failing on this book it was written as one big story and the issue breaks are almost random. This will be a dynamite hard cover with all 12 parts in it.

Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes #27 – Love this book, great stuff with the Wanderers and Mon’el are going on, but Barry Kitson signed with Marvel! Issue #30 will be his last issue. A shame, but Kitson was not making a monthly schedule here anyway, so good luck to Barry and hope we get some solid artist to come in after him.

Wetworks #6 – Wow this book got to six quick, that will happen when it is published monthly. This went from a forgettable series to a solid series on issue #4. Looking forward to this book as a solid entertaining read.

Civil War: Front Line #11 – Geez, even more Civil War crap. Even worse I hear they are doing a front line book for World War Hulk This book was not worth the 11 issues they gave it.

Daredevil #94 – An issue focusing on Matt and his wife Milla, who was a lame ass addition to the cast and I hope they get divorced or something. The cover is really funny as it is done in the style of old time romance comic books.

Dr. Strange: The Oath #5 (of 5) – Can Dr. Strange save his friend and man servant Wong? This has been a decent mini-series and an okay portrayal of Dr. Strange. I would love to see an ongoing series again.

Eternals #7 (of 7) – The end of the Gaiman / Romita series. The whole thing felt like just a re-introduction of these characters back into the Marvel Universe. They really don’t fit into the Civil War aftermath and my guess is they fall off the radar again.

Heroes for Hire #7 – This series was a surprisingly good to me at first, but I have been less enamored of it lately. This issue they are fighting the Grim Reaper, but I think their reason for being maybe over now that the new status quo is in force.

Iron Man #15 – The first real book to see if the new status quo is going to work or not. Iron Man is every where in the Marvel Universe lately and it seems impossible that he can be doing it all and run Sheild. Plus are we every going to find out what happened to Nick Fury?

Wisdom #3 (of 5) – Marvel’s attempt in creating their own Constantine like character. So far it has been enjoyable and I love this book even more as it has no association with the Civil War crap.

X-Factor #16 – Jamie Madrox quest to gather all his duplicates continue. Peter David has a home run with this book, just love this series.

X-Men #196 – This book has been okay, but very forgettable issue to issue. I was reading the hype for it and it still did not ring a bell. Mike Carey and Ed Brubaker are both good writers, but they are not making the X-Men stuff work. Every since Astonishing X-Men stole the heart of the team and the whole House of “M” thing the mutant stuff with Marvel has finally started to run out of steam. Morrison had the last great run on X-Men.

Fear Agent #11 – We are starting to get into the actual organization that our hero is part of. I love this book as it is just good solid entertainment and always leaves us on a cliff-hanger ending.

City of Others #1 (of 4) – Steve Niles and BERNIE WRIGHTSON doing a four issue horror book. Bernie Wrightson is a fantastic artist and is about the best horror artist around. It has been years since he has done any comic work, so this book I’m really looking forward to reading.
Action Philosophers #8 – Senseless Violence Spectacular – I have heard that they are stopping with #9, but regardless this comic has been the most educational and entertaining book on the stands. You really learn about different philosophers in a fun manner, sounds impossible, but it is not.

Fallen Angel #13 – This series continues to be a fascinating read and very unique. The main character is a fallen angel and she lives in a city that is alive in a way. An acquired taste, but worth the read.

Hero Squared Ongoing #5 – Way too long between issues. Best sitcom around right now. If you enjoy comedy and like Giffen/DeMattesis JLA you will enjoy this book.

Snakewoman #8 – She has 64 people left to kill. I was hearing how good this book was and recently picked up the prior three issues and it is an enjoyable comic. A young woman is possessed by a snake spirit (?) and is in the process of killing off 68 people.

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