Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DC Solicitations For May Previews Review

Jim: Wow the DC solicitations has very little of the shiny and new stuff that always gets my attention. In some ways this is a good thing as it is nice to see that the core titles is the focus of the company instead of only new things. But, I have also heard that Countdown will be rushed solicited after the New York Comic show where the series is to be announced. That makes me wonder about maybe some other new projects are being kept under wraps also.
Lee: So, I wrote this intro where I said that it was a light month. It really isn’t. There are lots of trades, a couple of HC’s, and the usual assortment of toys. The truth is… most of it just doesn’t interest me. It won’t stop me from looking and poking fun at it but I won’t buy most of it…

BATMAN #666 Written by Grant Morrison Art by Andy Kubert & Jesse Delperdang Meet Damian Wayne, the Batman of Tomorrow in this special issue set 15 years from now in a nightmarish future Gotham! In a world torn apart by terrorism, plagues, rogue weather and bizarre super-crime, only 24 hours are left before the climactic battle of Armageddon - and only one man who might be able to stop it. But will he? The Son of the Bat meets the Prince of Darkness and the stage is set for the ultimate battle between evil and moral ambiguity. Can Damian make peace with his heritage to save the world? Find out in BATMAN #666, "Numbers of the Beast."
Jim: I’m curious to see what this is all about. I have always wanted Batman to give up the mantle, but this supposed son of Batman is not really a good guy. Still it has my curiosity aroused and it should make for some good fodder for future critics.
Lee: This completely falls under “wait for trade” in my book. It’s a glorified Elseworlds tale… oops I mean Earth 692 tale. If you go back (and I know you can’t Jim), Morrision’s run on Batman wasn’t all that good. There were inconsistencies in story flow and art that really marred what he might have been doing. I will keep my eyes on the critics and see what people are saying before making a commitment. For comparisons sake, didn’t he end his run on X-men with one of these crazy future tales?

DETECTIVE COMICS #832 Written by Royal McGraw
Lee: Speaking of keeping focus… who is Royal McGraw? Anyone? Anyone? Seriously, I have never heard of him. And this seems to be awfully high profile for someone I have never heard of. Oops, let me correct myself, with a quick google I see he wrote the ever marginal Dr. Phosphorus story. Whee fun! Another break in my almost continuous run so let’s hope Dini returns soon.
Jim: I have to wonder who the hell Royal McGraw is also, the only McGraw I know is Quick Draw. They may have been McDraw, still same difference.

ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #5 Written by Frank Miller Art and cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams The pulse-pounding adventure continues with the All Star creative team of Frank Miller, Jim Lee and Scott Williams! The Batman puts Dick Grayson to the ultimate test, and the orphaned aerialist must make a difficult choice before becoming Robin, the Boy Wonder!
Jim: Does anyone care about this book anymore. What a waste, end this series and start it with a real Batman All Star Team that can actually deliver a comic book on occasion. A shame two great talents producing crap.
Lee: Issue 5.. not bad in two years. Soooo glad I WFT(waited for trade) on this. Especially since at this rate the trade will never come out. I smell quarter book fodder in less than two years.

BATMAN: EGO AND OTHER TAILS HC Written by Darwyn Cooke and others Art by Cooke and others Cover by Cooke DC proudly presents Darwyn Cooke's tales of the Dark Knight in one graphic novel, including the acclaimed BATMAN: EGO and the original graphic novel CATWOMAN: SELINA'S BIG SCORE! Also included are stories from BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #23 & 33 and SOLO #1
Jim: This is just a cruel joke to get $25 buck from me because I’m such a huge Darwyn Cooke fan. Good I hate it when they know me so well, I feel easy.
Lee: You are easy. I am easy. Wouldn’t you like to be easy too!!! Really looking forward to getting this on the shelf at home. Especially since the Ego story is supposedly really good.

ACTION COMICS #849 Written by Fabian Nicieza Art by Allan Goldman
Jim: The whole Geoff Johns/Richard Donner and Adam Kubert thing is really taking a long time to come together. We have had tons of delays and fill ins to keep Action comics on the racks. I know big names are cool, but publishing books is even cooler.
Lee: If the show didn’t talk about it then I would never know about this book. It just isn’t on my radar.

Lee: WOW! I remember a few years ago the hub-bub that Witchblade covers caused because they were, for all intents and purposes, covers to Playboy. These two covers aren’t much better. Powergirl is wearing a swimsuit that is cut so high and drawn with such… subtlety… ANYWAY, I can’t comment because this is a family blog. And whoever decided the Supergirl upskirt on the cover was a good idea should be shot. Good thing DC is refocusing Supergirl towards young women because this is EXACTLY what fashions I want my daughters seeing. To steal a line… awful.
Jim: The real crime is that she is supposed to be about 16, so how can a grown man feel anything but perverted for lusting after a 16 year old. It's not like I'm in Congress.

FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #12 Written by Marc Guggenheim Art by Tony Daniel & Art Thibert Cover by Daniel Tony Daniel (TEEN TITANS) brings "Full Throttle" into the endgame stage! The dark force behind the Rogues' full frontal assault is revealed -and this issue's shocker ending will change the Flash forever!
Jim: First off very happy that we have a new team on this book starting soon, but I just love this type of hype from DC and Marvel “and this issue's shocker ending will change the Flash forever!” Yawn. Sure it will, sure. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me 10,000 times and I ignore you.
Lee: La la la. Hype hype hype. Snore. Anyway… Isn’t Guggenheim writing something good right now???? That’s right, he’s doing Hyperion v. Nighthawk and Blade too! I am not getting either book so I shouldn’t comment…. But I will anyway. If I look back in your reviews, HvN is saved by the art and Blade is so-so. And let’s not get started on Tony Daniel’s art, ugh. DC seems to be throwing people at this title and hoping something sticks. I guess the chance will make it better than the current series but that doesn’t say much.

DOCTOR FATE #2 Written by Steve Gerber Art by Justiniano & Walden Wong Cover by Paul Gulacy
Lee: Uuummm, minor quibble but wasn’t Gulacy doing the interiors last issue? That must be a new record if you can’t get more than one issue done.
Jim: Was it Gulacy? Wow he has been busy for a guy who disappeared off the comic scene for a few years. Lots of writers and artists have come back into comics, maybe the money is better or they couldn't get a job anywhere else.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #9 Part 3 of the hottest crossover of the year featuring the new JLA & JSA!
Lee: Speaking of senseless hype… “The hottest crossover of the year” until July when the next big event comes along. Sigh. I actually feel bad for you Jim, because you already dropped the putrid JLA and now you have to get it again just so you can read this SENSE-SHATTER MEGA EVENT EVENT EVENT!!!
Jim: I have not dropped the JLA, Lee. As much as I want to, Ed Benes art has kept me in the loop. But you have to love the over the top hype.

HAWKGIRL #64 Cover by Howard Chaykin
Lee: Jim once told me “Chaykin has 5 faces” and WOW oh WOW does this cover prove it because this does not look anything like Superman. And, that doesn’t even begin to address to dull composition of the cover. This book begs to be canceled.
Jim: I have heard the begging has been answered. I agree time for this book to fold its tent, wait a year or two and try again.

SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY ARCHIVES VOL. 2 HC Written by Joe Samachson Art by Ed Dobrotka, Maurice Del Bourgo, Joe Kubert and others Cover by Mort Meskin Another fantastic volume collecting the adventures of the Seven Soldiers, the inspiration for Grant Morrison's hit maxiseries! Featuring Green Arrow, Speedy, the modern Western hero The Vigilante, The Crimson Avenger, The Shining Knight and more, The Seven Soldiers battled injustice and villainy at the height of World War II in these colorful, fast-paced tales from LEADING COMICS #5-8!
Jim: What’s bad is I haven’t read the first Archive on this, but I really love the older and obscure stuff. The stories at times are simple, but there are so many nice surprises with art and story.
Lee: Never thought I would say this but I trust your judgement. I know nothing about this book. I would like to see early Kubert art but I have the strange feeling that there isn’t that much in the collection. This is for all your Golden age collectors out there.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: BATMAN VOL. 2 TP Written by Gardner Fox, Bob Kanigher and John Broome Art by Sheldon Moldoff, Carmine Infantino and Chic Stone Cover by Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella The 1960s Batman and Robin adventures continue in this second volume reprinting, in black and white, the original stories created for Batman #175-188 and Detective ComicS #343-358. Witness the first appearances of the behemoth Blockbuster, the pernicious Poison Ivy, the obscure Outsider, and more! Advance-solicited; on sale June 27 o 512 pg, B&W, $16.99
Jim: Some really fun stuff in this volume and why hasn’t the cover villain been revived. He looks really cool!
Lee: I wear my love of Marvel silverage on my sleeve and you wear your love of DC silverage on your sleeve. This is good material but I know that it will be in print for a long long time. Meaning… I will get it someday. Just not today.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: THE ATOM VOL. 1 TP Written by Gardner Fox Art by Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson and Sid Greene
Lee: Jim, ummmmm… you forgot to mention this book. Must have been an oversight. I shall correct for you. NOW, the Atom had… well generally terrible stories BUT some of Gil Kane’s greatest artwork. If you were ever thinking of getting into the penciling business, get this, study the dynamics of Kane’s storytelling and don’t submit anything until you understand it!!! This is the definition of “pretty picture book”
Jim: I have the Archives, so no need for this version. The Atom did have some incredibly weak stories and he often beat up bank robbers, what else can you do at that size.

Lee: To quote “and now along comes Zauriel!” OH YIPPEEE. I have been clamoring for his return. *SIGH* Why does DC love this character? Please make him go away already. Marvel got rid of Dr. Druid, the least DC can do is get rid of Zauriel. BUT, if anyone has a chance of making him interesting, it’s Willingham.
Jim: I agree Lee, but Willingham has made this book a really fun an enjoyable read, plus it has Detective Chimp.

Lee: Don’t know about the book but that is one cool cover!
Jim: This book rocks for the backup feature on Dr.13.

Lee: (comments deleted by management - just let's say it was about the cover)
Jim: What the @#$%!!!!!

MIDNIGHTER #7 Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Darick Robertson & Karl Story Cover by Chris Sprouse & Story Writer Brian K. Vaughan (Ex Machina, Pride of BagHdad), and guest artist Darick Robertson (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) deliver an all-out action issue examining the Midnighter's abilities from a unique perspective. He's the man who can anticipate any move to the nth degree - now we get an idea of what that means. On sale May 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Jim: Now this sounds like a great concept. If done well it could really put a new light on how Midnighter operates.
Lee: I thought this was a limited series? Is it now ongoing? Seems interesting enough. Still waiting for the trade though.

SILVERFISH HARDCOVER Written by David Lapham Art and cover by Lapham Multiple Eisner Award winner David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Murder Me Dead, DETECTIVE COMICS) brings his unique brand of stark crime noir and dark, gritty realism to SILVERFISH, an original hardcover graphic novel replete with betrayal, double lives and family annihilators that will plunge itself into your gut and keep twisting until its bloody conclusion. What starts as a childish prank for her father's affection turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse for 16-year-old Mia when she discovers her beautiful new stepmom Suzanne's secret possessions: an address book, a stash of money and a knife caked in blood. Mia makes the fateful mistake of phoning Daniel, a murderer from Suzanne's past, who believes he's possessed by a demonic silverfish. And at midnight, on the boardwalk of a sleepy seaside town, Mia's survival will depend not only on whether Suzanne is good or evil, but whether Mia can find out which before Daniel reaches them... Advance-solicited; on sale June 27 o 6.875" x 9" o 160 pg, B&W, $24.99 US o MATURE READERS
Jim: I don’t know. Lapham is supposed to be all that, and his run on Detective left me cold, but this is creator owned and it is a light ordering month. I don’t know. Lee what do you think, but it or wait for the trade?
Lee: I am in the same boat on this one. Lapham’s creator owned stuff is good but the rest is junk. If I am going to spend the money to figure out if I really like his work, then I am going to start with Stray Bullets. That is his most critically acclaimed and probably his best stuff. I’ll pass on the HC and see what the general opinion is prior to committing.

BATMAN: BATMAN & SON Designed by Andy Kubert Based on the best-selling BATMAN series storyline: BATMAN & SON, art by Andy Kubert, written by Grant Morrison. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base.
Jim: This stuff cracks me up and sometimes makes me buy things I should skip. But it is amazing how fast we go from a single four issue story arc to five new action figures. Fortunately I can pass on this as there are no monkeys involved.
Lee: Hee hee. *Sing along everyone* Jim’s got a monkey… Jim’s got a monkey. Hee hee… Jim said Monkey.

Lee: Uuummm, I missed something but what does Warcraft have to do with the DCU? This always happens… I must remember LEFT TURN at Albuquerque Dammit!!!
Jim: I think DC has some leftover plastic and decided to branch out.

Lee: And speaking of randomness… What are these? I don’t know, but they do look funky enough to make me want to see the cartoon. Not going to buy the figures but might watch the TV show. Uuummm… To clarify, so I don’t sound weird, I would watch the cartoon to get in touch with my inner hip-hop homeboyness to better assimilate into current pop culture. YEAH, that’s why I’m watching!!!
Jim: ----------no way to follow that up.

Jim: As I said at the start a rather light month for the shiny and new, but we may see more later this month and here about other May projects during the NY convention.
Lee: As I started looking at the previews, I didn’t think there would be anything to talk about. But, close inspection turned up a smorgasbord of bad art and questionable action figures! May be a light month of purchases but it’s been a good time making fun of the marketing decisions.


  1. Lee---regarding the AfroSamurai figures/show.....why in the world would you want to become part of current pop culture? This is THE single worst period for music EVER! Hi-hop that is much worse than what ruled the 80's and early 90's. Nu-metal that just blows ass. EMO bands stinking up the airwaves. No thank you! I'll join Mayer and wait for the world to get better.

  2. Airelle - then we have been sucessful!

  3. I posted a comment on the older post, then I saw this newer post.

    What's the difference...other than one's newer than the other...I guess I mean to say...Why are there two posts?

    Anyway, looking forward to your Marvel previews discussion.

  4. Matthew - The post is whatever you want it to be and I like to do one a day, but the Hourman was just a fun side note. The Marvel one will be up Thursday. Right Lee? Lee, tomorrow, right?

  5. Yes yes yes... Marvel will be up Thursday! Sheesh. Let a guy take Valentine's off.

    Off from posting, not reading.

  6. AND, Jeff... going on a limb here but perchance are you a *blues* guy. It seems you bashed every other musical type!

    *GASP* I bet you didn't even like Prince in the Superbowl!!!


  7. Lee---

    I grew up enjoying a very diverse bunch of music. My mother played Englebert Humperdink, Elvis, Roy Orbison and Tom Jones. My older sister was into the Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Clash. My brother was a part of the band that would go onto become Overkill, the thrash metal band that came up at the same time as Metallica. What I like musically is quality stuff. Old school hip hop like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim, Public Enemy, KRS One and Tupac were great. The stuff out now is terrible. Old school metal was fantastic! Motorhead, Metallica, some Megadeth, Judas Priest, Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Queensryche are all incredible bands. Nu-metal of today like Incubus and Korn blow. Then you've got down and dirty hard rock. Bands like Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors, Led Zepplin, AC/DC and Guns N Roses who all still sell well today. And yes I do enjoy me the blues as that is the musical genre that inspired almost all of the world's greatest guitarists. BB King, Leadbelly, Kenny Neal, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters all hit my playlist quite often. So where's the quality in music today? The only band I can find worth listening to is Radiohead. Got any suggestions??

  8. Jeff - Iron Maiden? no, seriously, Iron Maiden??!? The band that sings about ritual sacrifice? I mean when they were my store's Band of the Month in Jan. they cracked me up... but until now I didn't know anyone that actually liked them!

    On a side note, I agree with Lee - Morrison's Batman run was terrible.

  9. Brainiac6--

    Maiden is a great band!! Personally, I'm not a lyrics kinda guy. It's more about the music and vocals to me. You know how old I was before I learned the truth about Puff The Magic Dragon?
    Bruce Dickinson(Iron Maiden), Geoff Tate(Queensryche), Rob Halford(Judas Priest) and Ronnie James Dio(Elf, Black Sabbath) are 4 of the best male vocalists that ever graced this planet. Tate, Dickinson and Halford have formed a trio called The Three Tremors. Can't wait for the album.

  10. On a completely different topic, Jim, why is a grown man to feel like a pervert for ogling a 16 year old girl? Wasn't that long ago that 35 year old males were the prime demographic for spouses for 14-18 year old girls. Not that I'm advocating that. I'm just saying, a girl that's hit puberty and come out the other side is going to be viewed as an adult woman unless you know otherwise. That being said, it sure doesn't seem like much of a way to attract women readers.

  11. Thomm - As my daughters are in their early 20's - oogling a 16 year feels wrong to me.

  12. Thomm---

    You really don't see what's wrong with oogling a 16 year old? That's scary. There's reasons for the age of consent laws and statutory rape laws. It's disgusting to think that a grown man would lust after a 16 year old. Seek professional help before you do something we all regret.

  13. Jeff-

    Let me gather my thoughts on music... I might have a lead or two.

    I can't believe you like Overkill, that's so cool. I have everything pre 92 by them. Many a happy, head banging, "Wayne's World" moment to Overkill.

    Sigh, what happy memories.

  14. Jeff-

    And yes, I still have my Megadeth "Peace Sells" tour shirt from '86. Great show!

  15. Jeff, you misunderstand. Ogling is not what I'm advocating. Ogling, which is rather pejorative, isn't a good thing whether your object is 16 or 36. However, what I'm saying is that, historically, 16 year olds were often married off to much older men, so the idea that they would be viewed on a par with adult women ought not be surprising. In fact, in two years the same girl would be a legal adult in the US.

    As far as age of consent laws, a 16 year old is of age to marry in most states in the US. Hell, when I was in high school there was a girl in my class who dropped out and got married at 15. I was in rural PA where the attitudes of old still held a lot of sway, so a young girl marrying an older guy was not unusual.

    Personally, I have no interest in 16 year old girls. Not because they are or are not sexually appealing. It's because I have nothing to say to them. I've got 24 years on them and have little interest in what they are interested in. Notheless, I'm not blind. If a girl is attractive, she's attractive. It's a visceral response. It's what you do with that response that's a mark of a person's character.