Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Best and Worst of Last Week

This week the worst book was acheived by two different books. All in all I'm finding that the independent books are where the bang for the buck really exist. Out of five books this week, the big two scored only one in the best category for me. Even X-Factor was flat last week.


Supergirl #17 - What the frell is going on in this issue. It feels like a dream sequence or something. Supergirl should have been such a fun character to bring back into the DCU, but she is such a screwed up character and her continuity is already wacky and we are only on issue #17. We get one good issue, then two bad issues. I think it is just time to throw all the creators off this title and let someone who can tell a coherent story get on this book. I guess the occasional good issue has saved it from DC needing to save it as they have Flash and are working on Wonder Woman.

Mighty Avengers #3 - Blechh. Who throw this book up. Flat out Bendis can not write a team book. The thought balloons was nice in issue #1, but instead of really being a thought or character development, it is just inane. The premise sucks, the character development sucks and (as almost always) Bendis has not captured anyone's voice. All of his characters sound similar and if the little arrows did not point to a character we would be unsure as to who was saying what.


Flash #12 - I'm just loving this book. Bart has the speed force ripped out of him and now is powerless and has had a vision of the Black Flash, that foretells a speedster's death. The rumours are Barry Allen is coming back and if true I will be a little disappointed as I want Bart's story. Of course it all depends on how they bring him back as I don't mind Red Hood and Winter Solider floating around in their respective universes. Bad the writing and art have been terrific and each issue has been more exciting then the one before. From worst to best in a year.

Left on Mission #1 (of 5) - I have already covered this book extensively, all I can say is go buy issue #1 and apparently #2 this week. Good read & good art.

Satan’s &$%#$% Baby - Just a flat out funny book. Eric Powell and Dark Horse actually oversold how bad and depraved this book was and while it was certainly not for the faint of heart, it wasn't the total extreme they made it out to be. Which is good, because ultimately it was just another funny and goofy Goon adventure.


  1. Winter Solider? AAAAHHHH! Jim, you've been infected by Corey-ese!

  2. Winter Solider -- I'm confused by your comment - please explain. Thanks