Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dashed Hopes

Okay very short post as running around visiting mothers and other stuff, but I had enough time to catch the last few innings of the Orioles game today. Today's game epitomizes why I hate every hoping that this team could be good.

We blew a 5-0 nothing lead in the ninth inning. The manager pulled a pitcher after 8 and 1/3 innings and he had only thrown 91 pitches. The only guy on the base paths was there via an error. The manger lost this game for us.

I expected the Orioles to go 1-2 versus the Red Sox at home as the Red Sox are a better team on paper and they owned the Orioles last year and have improved since last year, but when you are so close and then blow a 5 run lead in the ninth inning - AAAARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. We shoud have been 2-1.

What, what you may say could be worse then that type of horrifying lose by your team, when the other team is Lee's team and now he can just laugh at your team until we met again and hopefully avenge this travesty.

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