Monday, May 14, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Or how I'm trying to put my comic shop owner's kid's through college.

Halfway though a five week month and it appears that the independent comics have started to be published with more frequency. I knew eventually all of the various little mini-series and stuff from the independents I had requested would eventually show up and they are the reason the number of comics I’m getting every week still hits about 30 books a week. A ridiculous amount, but I’m happy to see that my list has balanced out quite a bit and over 30% is from publishers other then Marvel or DC.

Action Comics #849 – Part 2 of the fill in story by Fabian Nicieza and Allan Goldman. I could easily pass on this issue, as I thought the story felt rushed and sub-par. I may have to start requesting that I only get action if Geoff Johns or Kurt Busiek is writing it.

All Star Batman #5 – No really, it is coming out again. The biggest travesty that DC has produced in many years. When this story finishes and is traded it maybe a halfway decent book, but a year between issues is utterly ridiculous. What is worse is that this is the book that launched their All Star Line. I’m actually curious to read the completed story when the trade comes out in 2015 to see if the overall story is any good or not.

Aquaman #52 – The transition between creators was so rough that I have decided to give this book a chance before cutting it off my list. When new teams come onto a book the transitional period can sometime be a little off putting, but this transition was a really tough one. We went from an illustrator type style to a cartoony type style of art and went from Busiek’s John Carter of Mars type storyline to a more fantasy type story. So while I think it was jarring, I want to give it a few months to see if I can like it for what it is as opposed to canceling it for what it is not.

Batman #665 – Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s run on Batman continues. The official hype “The "Three Ghosts of Batman" continues as Batman tries to discover the mysterious contents of Casebook X! This issue takes us back to Batman's early days and reveals the truth about his final confrontation with Joe Chill, the man who murdered his parents. It also ties in to 52, as we learn what really happened to Batman inside the cave in Nanda Parbat when he underwent a seven-day Buddhist isolation ritual to purge his negative karma.” This storyline is better then the first one and I have enjoyed their run so far, it hasn’t been an all time favorite, but has been entertaining.

Catwoman #67 – This book has been very good for awhile, but with the same creative team it has taken another step forward. One thing I enjoy is this book stays within itself and we don’t have to follow any other books to follow Catwoman.

Checkmante #14 – Part 3 of the Checkmate/Outside cross-over. Rucka and Winnick has done a great job in writing this cross-over so far as the issues have been almost seamless from title to title. The combined team is trying to take out Oolong Island.

Countdown #50 – The first issue was good enough to get my interest and come back for more. A weekly comic is a commitment and we are still in the dating stage at this point. Last issue ended with the source (from New Gods) telling us that Ray Palmer is important to stopping an impending crisis. Looking forward to how this series unfolds.

Flash #12 – Everyone in the “know” has been stating that the Flash is a book to look to for a major event. Last issue was really a great read and this issue promises to change the Flash forever and DC and others have been saying it is a major change. Looking forward to this issue.

JLA #9 – Part 3 of the JSA/JLA cross-over. I don’t know what other people have thought of this cross-over so far, but I really don’t care as all my fan buttons are almost being hit. The original LOSH is involved, JSA is involved, good artists and involved and the JSA writer is a favorite writer – so I can almost ignore the actual writer of JSA (still Red Arrow – blechhhh!!!)

Supergirl #17 – This book has become one of my most anticipated titles because I never know if it will be an issue I love or hate. I can never decide where to put this book into my semi-ordered line up of reading for the week. I have some most reads on the top, and books that should be really good on the bottom and the rest in the middle.

Army @ Love #3 – This book has so much going on with so many different cast members that DC has a separate webpage telling us who is who. - Great idea and should probably be an interior page for any new readers. A wild ride from Rick Veitch.

Fables #61 – Continuing on of the best series being published by any company. I love watching these stories play out and enjoy how Willingham has infused such live into these familiar characters. Main complaint – where is the deluxe hard cover treatment for this series?

Civil War: Fallen Son - Captain America #3 (of 5) – I have no clue why I’m buying this book. I’m actually anxious to see what the next issue of Captain America brings but this series has been a total was of paper.

Marvel Masterworks : The Hulk – The fourth volume of the Hulk in masterworks and we are in the Marie Severin and Herp Trimpe era. This is covering issues #103-110 (not all issues of the Hulk as this books was originally Tales to Astonish). I don’t remember these issues that well, which could just mean it has been forever since I have re-read this material.

Mighty Avengers #3 – The official hype “Mighty Avengers versus the next gen Ultron! Ultron has taken over everything by taking over Iron Man! And now she has to face the Sentry unleashed! A battle of the titans Avengers style! Plus, Tigra guest stars. Yes, Tigra. Frank Cho drawing Tigra!! Did you hear us? FRANK CHO DRAWING TIGRA!! Which Avenger is Tigra dating? Prrrrr!!” Okay this makes me not want to buy this book. I like some good girl art occasionally, but that cannot be the reason to buy a comic. With magazines, strip clubs and the internet if you just want to look at a pretty woman it is really easier then paying $3 for a pencil and ink drawing of one. Whoever wrote this hype thought they were being funny, but this type of crap is what makes other people marginalize comic fans as sexual perverts living in their parents’ basement.

Ultimate Spider-Man #109 – This has been a good story and last issue Bendis made Moon Knight into a viable character in about two pages. Looking forward to the “Ultimate Knights” and their showdown with the Kingpin.

Uncanny X-Men #486 – The final chapter of Ed Brubaker’s 12 part saga. This story has left me flat and I care less about these characters then ever before. I guess that one problem is the group had to be second stringers as Joss Whedon has the big guns, but still this is Brubaker’s worse work for Marvel.

X-Factor #19 – The complete opposite of Uncanny, this is the best in continuity x-book (as First Class is right there with this series in a different manner). I look forward to X-Factor every month. Peter David has a really great series on his hands and we know David can stay with a series.

X-Men 1st Class Special – Jeff Parker’s little book that made it past a mini-series and graduated to a full time series. Jeff Parker’s work has always been entertaining, but I would like to see him do an “older” book soon. Don’t get me wrong I love this book and other books by Parker, I just want to see him stretch his abilities as I want him on a major title.

After the Cape #3 (of 3) – Fun little series, examining what happens when a super hero can not shake an addiction problem. I enjoy these quick mini-series which appear to be only as long as the story dictates as opposed to what will the trade market support the best.

Hero by Night #3 (of 4) – A lighter feeling comic that is dealing with an accidental suepr hero or really a person who accidentally gets in way over his head. Another really enjoyable read from Image comics.

BPRD Garden of Souls #3 (of 5) – I’m still trying to read all the earlier mini-series first so I can catch up to the BPRD world which is an spin off of the Hellboy comic. For whatever reasons I never followed that stuff before and now I’m having fun learning about Abe and the rest of the cast.

Conan #40 – This book is starting to fall off the rails for me as the promised continuity based storylines giving us a linear history of Conan never seems to come to pass. They have one or two more issues to convince me to stay.

Satans #### Baby – I hope this is the Goon issue that they almost did before and then made fun of within the actual issue they did. I know – too confusing. We will see Wednesday.

Fall of Cthulhu #2 ( of 5) – Again I’m not sure how many issues. I was never a Lovecraft reader, but his work has certainly influenced a generation or two of horror writers. The first issue was a good read and I’m looking forward to this week’s chapter.

Hero Squared Ongoing #6 – Giffen and DeMatteis wonderful super-hero sitcom. This book is as good as their JLA stuff was and is better in some ways as they are allowed to do what ever they want with this character.

30 Days of Night Eben & Stella #1 (of 5) – I think this is a five parter. Steve Niles and co-writer Kelly Sue DeConnick bring us the forgotten story of what happened after Stella revived Eben. The 30 Days stuff is usually some of the best Vampire stories out there and with Steve Niles back as co-writer and a stronger artist then the last mini-series, looks like the book is back on track.

Left on Mission #1 (of 5) – The official hype “Former agent Eric Westfall has been called out of his perfect suburban retirement, complete with wife and kid, to recover an agent gone rogue. He has to stop his target from auctioning a stolen hard-drive, chock full of classified info, on the black market for $50 million. His mission - turn the target back into a loyal agent for the government, or kill them. But things get complicated when it's revealed that Westfall has been called back to duty specifically because he has history with his target - romantic history. Will he be able to take down Emma, his ex-lover?” Looks like a fun book if done right.

Mouse Guard Volume 1 Fall 1152 Hard Cover – This book will be sent to Florida, but first I want to re-read it again. Can’t recommend this book enough. Reads like a more traditional fairy tale, great stuff.

Wasteland #9 – My second favorite after the apocalypse book (Walking Dead is number 1). Really a strong book that is exploring more then just survival.

Local #9 (of 12) – More of Megan’s story. Each issue she gets a year older. I hate that this book is ending soon, but have really enjoyed this series a lot.

That’s a wrap for this week.


  1. I know, right?

    All-Star B&R is not the biggest DC travesty, however, it is like the CIA pre-Iraq saying it was a "slam dunk." I mean Frank Miller and Jim Lee? It should have been awesome.

    Even if the book came out monthly, it is so very mediocre.

    Looks like a good week. BTW: SCALPED was awesome recently as were some of the other regular good books like IRON FIST.

    The SPIDER-MAN annual was great.

  2. My Amazing Spider-man Omnibus came in the mail today with the variant Alex Ross cover, that they mocked up to look like the original (with word balloons I mean). It is so AWESOME! !! Jim, you didn't say enough about it and you said a lot. It may be the best comic merchandise EVER. I grew up reading the 30's to 70's Batman, Superman and Shazam books at my local library. This thing is so cool.

    Now, I've GOT to order FF Omin Vol 2...and I was just finally going to get around to ordering the 1967 Spider-man cartoon on DVD. Have you seen what the X-men and FF vol 1 are selling for now $200-$300 or more!

    I suppose I should probably hold on to my originals for a while yet, but if I sold just one issue, I could probably by all my HC's for the year.

  3. Jim,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on Left On Mission. I hope you enjoy the series...


  4. Matthew - you should sell to buy more hard covers! Glad your enjoying the S-M Omnius.

    Chip - I'm going to read the book soon and will get my opinion out on the blog. Wonderful premise (which is half the battle im my mind). Hope it sells well, the industry needs more books that are not just capes.