Monday, May 28, 2007

What I'm Getting Thursday

Yes those gosh darn National holidays push off until Thursday the most sacred day of the week new comic day. The best new comic day I ever had was going to Diamond in Brooklyn to pick up my new books for my store on the first new comic day I was open. I was like a kid in a candy store and later as time progressed I become a comic shop owner and ordered per my customers wants and not just what I thought was cool.

This week is almost like a vacation week for me as I'm only getting around 22 new comics. A slow week is nice on occasion. Although I have been looking over my list and Army @ Love, Punisher War Journal and a few others maybe destined for the cutting room floor.

52 Volume 1 Trade - I never kept a run for myself and the promised commentary in the book sounded interesting so I will try out Volume 1 and see if the next 3 volumes are worth the price. Let's hope they never try to do a single volume omnibus on this puppy.

Action #850 -- Writer Kurt Busiek and Renato Guedes (artist) bring us another fill-in, that involves the Legion of Super Heroes, so it could be interesting. Still waiting for Johns/Donner run to start back up again. This is really annoying.

Amazons Attack #2 (of 6) - They are still attacking. Wonder Woman in her book tried to get Mom to call off the attack, but she was not listening. The JLA jumps in at this point (as well they should). The first issue was better then I expected it to be.

Blue Beetle #15 - A fill-in issue. Blue Beetle tries to surrender to a local STAR Lab. Could be good, but I really want to regular crew as they have made this book into a very good solid series. I think a skip month would have been better.

Countdown #48 - This book is definitely a slow build, but so far I'm enjoying it. The many mysteries and "what the frell" moments are great. Of course the pay off is what will make this book work out or not. I think that just because it is weekly people thought it would be another 52 type book and it is not. It's funny because no one would that that expectation of a new monthly.

Green Lantern #20 - The conclusion of the Star Sapphire mystery. GL has become a better book lately and is now always towards the bottom of my new books pile. The way I usually read my new comics is Countdown or some book I can't wait to read first, followed by Countdown or that really can't wait to read book, then I put the best expected top 10 on the bottom and the rest on top and read them in semi-random order from there.

Hawkgirl #64 - Hawkgirl quest for Hath-Set continues as she runs into Superman on her quest. This quest is taking too long.

JSA Classified #26 - A two part Wildcat story by Frank Tieri (I think this maybe his first DC Work ) and art by Matt Haley. See this is a winning book for me even before reading it. I have read some of Frank's work and it was okay, Matt Haley is a very good artist and Wildcat is the ultimate working class hero and I love the way he is portrayed lately. So looking forward to this issue.

JSA #6 - Part 4 of the "Lightning Saga". JSA, Legion of Super Heroes, Johns as writer, Dale Eaglesham as artist, no brainer, another great book coming out this week.

Teen Titans #47 - Adam Beechen's abbreviated run begins here and I believe ends with issue #49, still they say a Titan dies. So many pointless characters have been Titans, that it could only improve the herd by reduction.

Crossing Midnight #7 - Do yourself a favor and go buy this book. Really just go buy a copy, buy two and give one to a friend. The official hype "As Toshi prowls through Tokyo learning her magical trade, she'll discover just how dangerously the kami world intersects with the real one. Meanwhile, Kai finally gets some answers regarding the enemy the twins are facing. "

Deadman #10 - I really think DC made a mistake with this title, because it is not Deadman, the main character is dead, but with all the weirdness going on we may not be sure about that. Bruce Jones needs this story to have an end point because I don't think it has many more issues left before DC cancels it.

Deathblow #5 - He is on the run from the government and not sure about what is real or not. This is a funny series, I have enjoyed it, but I forget about the book and when it is on a next week's list it is a surprise.

Daredevil #97 - The mystery surrounding Gladiator continues. Can Matt save him or does Daredevil have to stop him. Ignoring Civil War works well for this book and I can live with Daredevil living in his own little corner of the Marvel Universe. Good book.

New Avengers Illuminati #3 (of 5) - The mini-Marvels cartoon in the Worl War Hulk prequel played with the Illuminati concept and it was the best part of that book. I'm been getting this series to understand Marvel's retro-con history a little better, but it has cheapen some of Marvel's core good guys.

Silent War #5 (of 6) - Great series so far. David Hines has taken this and the Quicksiler series before this and made both books worth picking up and reading. Really enjoying this mini-series and the portrayal of the Inhumans.

Spider-Man Fairy Tales #1 - Not sure is this is a limited or unlimited series. Still getting this for Gwen, but it could be fun. This issue MJ as Red Riding Hood and Peter as the hero, I guess the Goblin is the Big Bad Wolf.

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy Hard Cover - Ok I do not officially have this on my list. Anyone reading this have an opinion as to whether it is worth the read let me know.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #42 - Part 1 of 5 as Marvel tries to shove the Silver Surfer into any comic with the FF in it. The movie makes this a logical move, can the writer Mike Carey make it interesting? Pasqual Ferry's art will help.

Hellboy Darkness Calls #2 (of 6) - Still trying to catch up to what is happening in Hellboy's world, so I'm undecided on this book.

Boys #7 - Yes the infamous Boys is back and from Dynamite Entertainment. Should be interesting to see what is what. Is Ennis just doing another "I hate super heroes" book or does he have some real story in mind.

EC Archives Shocksuspense Stories Volume #2 - One of my biggest regrets is that I have not had time to really do more then just peruse these beautiful EC reprints. Still I love each volume.

Breathe #2 (of 4) - The first issue was one of the thinnest plots I have ever read, but the art was great. So I'm in for the whole 4 issues.

Fallen Angel #16 - Peter David other best book (X-Factor is the other one). Exploring what happened with Angel's predecessor.

Shaloin Cowboy #7 - Geoff Darrow's brilliant and insane book that comes out every six months or so, but I can't wait for every issue. Just the art alone is worth the price of entry.

That's it for this week and this month.

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