Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things to Come

I'm always enjoying reading the news of what is coming next and I'm anxious to read about the next big thing, but I also try to forget that type of news because I want to judge what is coming next on its own merits when it arrives. Still movies and comics start to let out news so early that by the time it actually hits I have usually heard too much about it.

Part of the price of paying attention and following stuff on the internet.

Some really cool comic collections I'm looking forward to are Action Heroes Archives Volume #2 (which should be due next week that contains a lot of Ditko work on the Charlton heroes), the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus (4 volumes from DC that starts this month) , the 2nd FF Omnibus by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (which covers I believe from issue #31 to around issue #60) and the Darwyn Cooke hardcover (that has Batman:Ego and some other great work in it). What I'm missing is a nice SHEILD Masterworks, the final Doom Patrol and Adam Strange Archives and a Martian Manhunter Archives.

In the regular comic world the Countdown to Adventure mini-series I'm looking forward to seeing, Doktor Sleepless and Black Summer from Warren Ellis, the new Mouse Guard series, Captain America story line, the rest of Killer, North Wind from Boom, how Countdown will work out, Teen Titans with its newest writer, the 2008 cross-over from DC by Grant Morrison and a ton of really interesting project from IDW, BOOM, Image, Dark Horse and others. I have to say that the independent comics have the most exciting new projects coming out. My friend Shawn recently said it in his news column ( and I agree that the best stuff coming out is not from the big two. I think DC has a lot of interesting things and that most of Marvel's stuff is flat (the new status quo sucks) , but for excitement and innovation the independents are really doing great stuff right now. Wasteland, Dynamo 5, Walking Dead, Fear Agent, Hero Squared, Cover Girl, Invincible, Wormwood Gentleman's Corpse, Local, Breathe, Two Guns, Nightly News and more are some examples of excellence in the independents.

Back on my original point movies coming out Shrek III, Die Hard IV, Harry Potter, Batman, FF, Iron Man, Bourne Ultimatum, Good Luck Chuck, Stardust and many others look to be some really good movies.

Plus I'm always looking ahead to next week comics and I'm checking out next week before I finish reading this week.

I just find it amusing that many of us become so interested in what is coming we sometimes have to stop and see what actually just came out. The internet has just made it easier for me to give in to this passion of looking forward.


  1. North Wind from Boom? Hmmm... must check this out.

    And I think I've told you before, but it's worth repeating -- if you like Dynamo 5, you'll love Noble Causes!

  2. I've read some of Noble Causes and now have to go back to the start and read it again because Jay really sold me on his work with Dynamo 5.

  3. I think that's his hope -- that the high sales of a #1 issue might make people check out Noble Causes. I hope so too. In an industry where even a newb like me is finding many plot twists to be predictable and repetitive, Jay Faerber is innovative enough with Noble Causes to pretty much always surprise me. It's a lot of fun to read because he's just so daggone creative with these characters.