Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

When I have a day that I have spent doing my real job at home and other errands and I have no major political thing to rant about I fall back on just doing a random thoughts type post.

The Orioles are looking better then they have any right to look. Currently they are only one game under 500 and are actually playing pretty well again. I really want to get behind them again but it is hard to be actively rooting for a team that has had nine losing seasons and then has lost 60% of their starting rotation to injury.

Spider-Man 3 was really the worse movie of the three. The more I think about that movie the worse the movie becomes. The first movie was great as the battle between him and the Goblin was right out of the comics and a classic type battle. The second movie took a classic villain and made him have more depth and passion then ever before and showed Spider-Man coming out on top at the end. This movie set-up false premises, did a retro-con and had Harry be more of a hero then Peter. It just fell apart. My grade of "B" should be reduced to a "C" and this movie needed to have the great opening because the numbers in a couple of weeks will fall through the floor. The number 3 has been a bad omen for super hero movies.

Mother's day is tomorrow and my Mom is 85. The thing that she did best is that she made all five of her children feel like they were her favorite (I know I really am). So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mom. Of course the chance that my mother would ever be reading my blog are along the lines of snowballs in hell.


  1. that's funny - we just saw Spiderman 3 and my main comment was that I liked Harry better in the movie than Spidey

  2. Well, although I did not get to see the entire movie, I will agree that from what I saw, 3 did not live up to the previous two movies. 1 & 2 were great, in my opinion. This one suffered from a flaw similar to many movies - trying to squeeze too much into the time-frame, which almost inevitably results in a shallower movie.