Thursday, November 09, 2006

Doctor Strange The Oath #2 - A Review

Doctor Strange The Oath #2 - Brian K. Vaughn - Writer, Marcos Martin - Art, Javier Rodriguez - Colors

Premise - Dr. Strange's manservant Wong is dying and Dr. Strange went and found a serum that can cure anything, Dr. Strange gets shot by the crook who stole the serum from him and now Dr. Strange, Night Nurse and Wong are in search of who is behind the theft.

What I Liked:

1) The art. Marcos Martin has a great style for Dr. Strange. A mix of Tim Sale and Darwyn Cooke, but really all his own. It is a a nice fluid style that fits Dr. Strange very well. The coloring is okay, it does not feel perfect, but it certainly is not hurting the art.

2) The utilization of Dr. Strange's past. Seldom is his past utilized and I find that it helps in giving the character depth.

3) Night Nurse. Never paid attention to this character before and I'm enjoying seeing her in action.

What I Didn't Like:

1) The characterization of Dr. Strange. It feels inconsistent and at times he comes across a little too much of a wise cracking hero. Some of the lines are funny and I tend to forgive some of this stuff. Also he appears inept at times. The spell lines were the worst, especially "By the hoary #$**ing hosts." I want to like this book because I like Doctor Strange as a charcter. Vaughan's handing of Strange is inconsistent to me.

2) The building up of a supporting character, only to kill him in the same issue. We learn about a friend of Dr. Strange from his days as a surgeon, only to have him killed this issue.

3) The ads. More ad pages then comics and so interspersed in between the story pages, I feel like why bother, just get the trade. When the ads become intrusive, that is a problem.

Grade C

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  1. Hmm, I still can't get over Doc Strange for the Defenders... so it's hard for me to take him seriously =/