Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Review of The Wilstorm Universe

I have never been heavily into the Wildstorm Universe per se, but under this banner Planetary and The Authority have both been published and both are excellent books, but I never got so immersed in this Universe to know it in any detail. They have just done a massive relaunch that have many titles doing hard resets and soft resets. Since I have limited to no knowledge of some of there stuff prior to the relaunch I don't know what I'm supposed to know from before or what is just brand new. Also this judgement is a little premature as most of the titles have not had a chance to really find their niche. Still my grading as of this moment in time of the series that I get are:

Gen13 #2 - A "B" book. Appears to be a hard reset as we are starting from ground zero. Gail Simone is a favorite writer of mine and I never followed Gen13 before. So far a good series that is loaded with potential and really nice art.

The Boys #5 - "D". This book has yet to show me it is anything but shock for shocks sake. More sex then a porn comic and it is a disgusting book at this point. If by issue 6 Ennis hasn't started to make a point good bye to the Boys. A waste of great work by Darrick Robertson.

Wetworks #3 - "C". This appears to be a soft reset and I remember nothing about Wetworks before. Right now it is very convoluted to me.

Deathblow #2 - I have only read issue #1 and I enjoyed the beginning of the series and the artwork was very good. Starting at a solid "B" and has plenty of potential already built in.

Midnighter #1 - A solid "B" start. Great premise for a first story arc and it will be interesting to see how they play out the kill Hitler storyline.

Stormwatch PHD #1 - Great start, almost want to give it an "A", but with only one issue a "B" is as high as I can go. Great set up and starting of this group. We are introduced to all the players and given a reason for the group as well as some solid action scenes in one issue. Note to Brad Metzler regarding the JLA launch - see this issue for how to start a team book.

The Authority #1 - A "C" start and many people feel a "D" start as the Authority never appeared. I believe the Authority needs a strong restart and I think this obscure beginning may work. Obviously subsequent issues will determine if this prelude was a wise move or just a waste of the fans money.

Wildcats #1 - "B" and possible could have been better, but when I heard issue #2 is pushed back to March, I want to wait for the trade. I know enough Wildcats history to be confused and enjoying the series both at the same time. A shame I will have forgotten the set-up four months down the road.

Claw #6 - An "A" book. That may sound crazy but Chuck Dixon and Andy Smith have fashioned a great sword and sorcery story. Great art, solid and engaging story and pure no holds barred action. I really enjoy this book and never expected to like it.

Astro City: Dark Age - Book Two #1 - Haven't read it yet, but as a series Astro City is an "A". It has slipped with Dark Ages a little, but Busiek and Anderson's Astro City is a great look at super heroes from a ground level. It builds on what Busiek started to do in Marvels and goes it five times better.

Planetary #26 - An "A" and one of the best books ever done. Go buy the trades and read it. Issue #27 is the end of the series and it will go down as one of the best of all time.

I give Jim Lee and DC a lot of credit with maintiaining the Wildstorm franchise and working to keep it a strong brand.


  1. Personally I have found the relaunch of the Wildstorm U to be a huge letdown. Lots of talent but not a single book that's worth reading. Authority was horrible. Wildcats and Deathblow chores to read. The final blow was Midnighter. Truly terrible. Upon reading a few pages I had to turn back to the cover to make sure that this was really the same artist who did such a great job on Tom Strong. Sprouse's art has never looked worse than it does here. All stories so far have been less than inspiring and there is nothing there to bring me back for a second issue. Drop this line. Just a colossal waste of your time.

  2. Jeff - It's too early to call it a flop, but I understand your frustration with it as the talent is better then the books they have produced so far.