Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ravens 6-2

Great game. A real hard fought battle and the Ravens are looking like a really solid team. Still want a little more offense as they settled for too many field goals, but they are definitely in the driver's seat now. Halfway through the season and two games up on the second place team is a great position to be in. They say our strength of schedule is not that hard, but we have two games against the Steelers are they are a very tough team that could turn at any moment.


  1. The Giants have pulled up from their poor early slide and match the Ravens at 6-2. We'll have to see which team can maintain in the second half of the season and hit the playoffs with some steam.

  2. Jeff- It should be close. The NFL does such a terrific job of maintaining parity that every game is a contest (usually). Miami beating Chicago in Chicago was unreal. I love the NFL because no game can be taken for granted.