Friday, November 24, 2006

Quick Impressions

Every other week we do a internet radio show. In preparation for the show I make notes about the titles I have read just to jog my memory or to have a flash thought/review about each book. This is what I have written about what I have read from this Wednesday's books.

DC Comics

52 WEEK #29 - Good issue – Loved the JSA vs Infinity Inc stuff.
ACTION COMICS #845 – Bloom is off the rose already, General Zod and crew, geez Donner is stuck on this theme.
BOYS #5 – A better issue. This had more of a story and the budding relationship between Hugie and Starlight is the bright spot of this book. Also it wasn’t a porn issue. I read it and didn’t have to wash my hands.
HAWKGIRL #58 – Art can really help a book. Also this was a better two part story then the last arc and made me like the book again. Good twist on Hawkgirl maintaining some of her power without the Nth metal attached to her.
SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #24 – GREAT ISSUE – This book is really starting to hit its stride. It has been a wonderful re-imagining of the LOSH and issue after issue it continues to be one of the best books on the racks. This is the LOSH as I remember them.
UNCLE SAM AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS #5 (OF 8) – This is a good series. I’m really enjoying Uncle Sam fighting against the totalitarian regime that Father Time has put in place. Political without choosing a side too much.
WONDER WOMAN #3 – This series has failed in its re-launch. I “heard” DC gave the writer carte blanche and the rest of DC has no idea where he is taking this series. Big mistake, this book will need to be re-launched from it’s re-launch.

Marvel Comics

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #536 CW – Very redundant. We have the battle with Iron Man all over again that we had in Civil War #5, except it wasn’t the same and then we pick up Peter’s story after Civil War #6. Didn’t really work that well for me. Also Peter is talking to his sixteen year old self. The sixteen year old looks like he is 12 must of us have the vast majority of our height by 16, if not all of it.
FANTASTIC FOUR THE END #2 (OF 6) – I’m enjoying Alan Davis future romp. The one thing is amusing is that since everyone is almost immortal it seems like the same people have been running things forever – frightening thought. I still think we see the Richard’s kids come back at some point.
HEROES FOR HIRE #4 – Palmiotti & Gray are doing great stuff as a writing team. This book and Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters are pretty lame concepts and they have made them both shine in different ways. This is pure kick ass fun and action.
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #1 CW - A little iffy, the art wasn't as strong as I would like and I think I prefer the Punisher away from the super-heor stuff.
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #102 – This clone sage is now never ending. And Jessica Drew is really Peter Parker cloned as a girl? And if Jessica still is Peter, why is he wearing lipstick?


PLANETARY BRIGADE ORIGINS #1 (OF 3) – Good start. Some fun stuff. Not as much good over the top humor as I have come to expect from Giffen and DeMatteis, but still a good job. Love the flying horse that talks.


  1. Going to disagree with you on ACTION COMICS. Thought it was wonderful. They already said Johns and Donner would try to deliver the definitive version of ZOD.

    So far the book is an almalgamation of the Donner movies and the comics. IT works on both levels.

    Plus in one issue we got LUTHOR, BIZARRO, and the three Krypton villains. Plus there is a twist with the identity of "Christopher".

    Keep in mind also that this week marks the release of the DONNER VERSION OF SUPERMAN II on DVD. So you know, good marketing and all that.

  2. Shawn - Different expections with Action. Knowing that coming in I may have been okay with it. Having said that it is still too early to judge the overall story.