Monday, November 27, 2006

What I'm Getting on Wednesday

In which every week I give random thoughts about what I'm buying Wednesday and the dollars going to help support my retailer's livelihood.

52 - Like last week, this book is hit and miss, but always has some good part to it.

American Virgin - Still a wild ride through some dark places for our evangelic hero.

Aquaman - Wow, the gap between issues was really short, I hope Butch Guice is still the artist.

Batman - Should be the John Ostrander / Tom Mandrake four part story. Love when the "fill-in" team is a team I would love for the regular team.

Batman/Spirit - Darwyn Cooke I believe is only the artist, but that's good enough, this should be a great book.

Crossing Midnight - A new Vertigo book from Mike Carey, curious to see what he has in mind for this series.

Deathblow - One of the better Wildstorm re-launches. Hope issue #2 continues to be as good.

Flash - The positive note about this is the new writer is coming on soon. Hopefully a new artist also as Lashley has not impressed.

Green Lantern - Last issue was good, the second part of this arc is one I'm looking forward to reading.

Guy Gardner - A two part mini-series I believe by Howard Chaykin, not sure what Guy Gardner we are getting, but this feels like over kill as Gardner is one of the main stars of GL Corps.

Ion - Sometimes a good book, sometimes drek. Very inconsistent and has never really been above a "C".

Loveless - Can't wait. Last issue the main character was shot in the back and we are not in super hero land, so this should be cool to see how they deal with the main character being down and out and/or dead.

Rush City - This is a fun mini-series and is an action movie on speed. Has the same strong pace that the movie Crank had, just fast moving action and fun.

Superman/Batman - This arc has left me confused so far. Nice art, but the story hasn't come together yet.

Teen Titans - Jericho's back? So where are we going with this story line.

Wetworks - Needs to be a little more to it for me, close to being dropped.

Captain America - Another issue starring someone besides Captain America as his major events now occur in Civil War and not in his own book. Yawn.

Iron Fist - Love this character and hope this new series rocks.

Masterworks: Thor - Another volume of Lee/Kirby Norse God Adventures. I really want to sit down and read all 5 (?) volumes of Thor Masterworks soon. This series really changed over the years, the most of any silver age Marvel book. It was good as a super hero book and a sword and sorcery book.

Nextwave - Great book, shame it is over with issue #12 - it makes me tear up thinking that it is over too soon.

Punisher Trade Paperback - I follow this series as a trade, I believe I finally get to read the Barracuda series, which is supposed to be over the top.

Ultimate Power - Going to really be hard to buy this book due to Land's artwork and so far no story.

X-Men - I'm enjoying Mike Carey's run on this book. Not great yet, but building to a solid good.

Zombie - Because Andre and Corey like Zombies and hopefully Gwen shares.

Talent - Last issue of this mini-series. Hate to see it end, hope that we get another mini-series in the future on this.

I may pick up Whisper that is restarting but we will see.

My favorite concept book that is announced is Mr. Stuffins : My Teddy Bear Thinks he is a Secret Agent. A scientist develops an AI and dumbs it into a Teddy Bear to keep the government from making it into a weapon. A young boy ends up as the owner of the Teddy Bear. It sounds lie a lot of fun.

For a great discussion on laws and our country check out

Arielle has some great thoughts.

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