Monday, November 06, 2006

What I'm Getting Wednesday

My weekly post that highlights my madness in reading graphic stories.

This week starts with Absolute New Frontier. One of the all time greatest series that is a terrific love letter to the Silver Age of comics and the golden age of my youth. A fantastic mini-series by Darwyn Cooke given the deluxe over sized hard cover treatment. At a retail price of $75 a crack not many will buy this, but you can probably get all six issues on E-bay for a song. Well worth finding and reading. Just a fantastic piece of work and really was a spirit lifting story. The "New Frontier" speech will make you fell inspired and full of hope again.

Also Action Philosophers "It's All Greek to Me" issue. This is the most educational and fun comic I have ever come across. I here it will end with issue #9, but it is a great comic and wonderful reference tool as it is well researched. Accurate, educational and fun.

52, we are starting the second half of the year long weekly comic and it is now moving faster and I have a feeling it maybe a frenetic pace by the time we get to the end of it. Batman, part 4 of Grant Morrison's run on the book, which will be followed up with a four parter by Ostrander and Mandrake to allow Andy Kubert more time to get ahead on the book. I don't mind the "fill-in" team when they are a team that could carry the book on their own anyway. Next is my substitute All Star Batman book, Batman and the Mad Monk, Matt Wagner as artist and writer is doing a real All Star quality job on this story of Batman in his early years.

Fables is out, always a great read and the best long term Vertigo series since Sandman; Firestorm, a good solid monthly book; Gen 13, the second issue of what appears to be a total reset of Gen13 by one of my favorite writers Gail Simone; Green Arrow, a really fun book right now; Green Lantern, a new story arc, this book has been up and down, so no pre-judgement on this issue.

JLA Classified, an okay arc by Chaykin and Plunkett; Martian Manhunter, I maybe the last person enjoying this book, but I love the character so much I'm highly predisposed to like it; Stormwatch PHD #1, I have no expectations so this book is a blank slate going in; Superman, Busiek and Pacheo have been during a really nice job on this book; Tales of the Unexpected, Spectre and Dr. Thirteen, you can't go wrong, no really it is fun; Teen Titans, my least favorite Johns book as it just feels to lack a real direction, fun for all the extra Titans that have been introduced.

Amazing Spider-Girl, fun series, but the art is too simple for my taste and it is hurting my enjoyment of the series, but I'll give it a try out. Annihilation, a really pleasant surprise, this outer space war of Marvel's has been a lot of fun and has brought back characters that I had forgotten about. Bullet Points, the concept is one bullet changes the Marvel Universe and how the repercussions affect everything going forward, an alternative history book with a clever title, still I usually enjoy a good Elseworlds story (sorry What If). Dr Strange, the second issue in this mini-series, the first issue was decent, we will see if it continues to be enjoyable; Eternals, an interesting start to what should be a series, I guess it is Neil Gaiman bringing the Eternals into continuity for Marvel but is lacking as a mini-series.

Wisdom #1 from Marvel, looks to be a different type of book, no real expectations going in. Cross Bronx, a great piece of work by Micahel Oeming from Image, a crime noir/supernatural story. Damned, a demon gangster story from Oni and Drunken Monkey which is just a silly and funny book.

Certainly a week with a lot of entertainment potential.

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