Sunday, November 12, 2006

Silver Age Party - Supports Fair Tax

As I said I will change or solidify my viewpoints as better information comes to me and I have a commenter Chad Sargent to thank for pointing out the Fair Tax proposal.

This is an important piece of legislation that deserves your support. The savings in governmental spending and the overall positives effect this would have to our economy are tremendous and could truly be revolutionary The optimist in me (yes it exists) says this could lead the way to true long term economic growth after a one year adjustment period.

Please check it out and tell you representatives that you want them to support it as the new law of the land.

In simple terms it exchanges the federal taxes out of your income for a Federal Sales Tax and is projected to produced the same level of taxes as the current system, but with great savings to spending as it essentially would eliminate the IRS and many other expenses which exist due to our tax code.

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