Monday, November 27, 2006

Top Series for 2006

We are supposed to have our top series for the radio show ( that I participate in.

So with a little research the top books of the year (in no order and will be subject to change as I contemplate this more) are:

Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse - Ben Templesmith's magnus opus.

All Star Superman - I want the Absolute Edition.

Fear Agent - The best cliff hanger endings each and every issue.

Fell - Hands down one great comic series by Ellis and Templesmith.

Nextwave - That Ellis guy again as writer with Stuart Immonen doing the art.

Shadowpact - Bill Willingham as writer and sometimes artist, has really taken a group of characters that should not work as a series and it does.

Fables - Willingham's best work ever, with Mark Buckingham as his main artists.

X-Factor - Peter David's best super hero work ever.

Wasteland - Great post apocalyptic series.

Agents of Atlas - Only a six issues mini-series, by Jeff Park and Leonard Kirk have made this a great little series that is severely unnoticed.

Local - Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly taking us around the country and exploring Megan's growing up.

52 - I mean hell this weekly series is my first read every week.

Daredevil - This arc is knocking it down, but the first arc by Brubaker was very good.

Invincible - Possible the best super hero book in the universe.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters - The art keeps this from probably making the final cut, but this has been a great story.


  1. I know, but I don't think it hit its best stuff till the last two issues, and this is not my final list.

  2. I can't believe I'm not the only one reading "Uncle Sam". There is another... and he enjoys it too. Talk about a relevation!

  3. Lee - I think Uncle Sam and Agents of Atlas are too over looked series, but Uncle Sam has been great writing.