Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ravens 9-3

Sadly the Ravens lost tonight. Realistically I knew they would not go 14-2 and I also thought this was the game that we could lose as the Bengals really needed it and the Ravens did not.

But I still really wanted them to win.

As long as we bounce back next week I'll be happy.


  1. Ravens… What can I say. Oh I know...

    HA HA. Ravens lost. Couldn’t have happened to a better team. My heart bleeds for ya!!!

    Eh, maybe not.


  2. When we beat the Patriots in the AFC title game, then you will understand that this is the Ravens year.

  3. Watching that game was like re-reading all teh CW tie-in books as well as the regular series.

    It was pure torture.

  4. That's what I loved about Ravens fans... the blind loyalty.

    You need a consistent offense before you can get to the Title game. Clarification, once that can score more than 10 consistently.

    You did it once by not having an offense. I don't think you can do it twice.

    BBBBUUUTTT, if they do meet in the championship game, I will gladly take your money.