Monday, November 20, 2006

What I'm Getting Wednesday

The shocker for me is that not a single hard cover collection that I get is coming out this week. Seems like it has been months since that has happened. A nice dollar break from my weekly addiction.

So let's do other then DC or Marvel first for a change.

Conan is coming out and it is the beginning of Tim Truman's run as writer with Cory Nord as the artist. Should be pure barbarian fun.

Goon Noir #2 is coming out. Other writers and artists tackling the Goon. The letters page itself is worth the price of admission. This comic is just pure joy. An acquired taste, but then so was beer.

Planetary Brigade - Part of the Hero Squared stuff by Giffen and DeMattetis. This is their continuation of their humorous look at super-heroes. Sometimes a hit and sometimes a miss, but again fun.

So the theme for the independents is fun entertainment. These comics are done because the creators want to do these books, so it is a a purer form or the art form.

Independents really offer a lot of different types of books, some are garbage, but there are a lot of gems out there also. I encourage people to look for the diamonds.

Next up is Marvel. Amazing Spider-Man is due out and I actually enjoyed the last issue as Spider-Man was acting more like my vision of who he should be, so this should be interesting. Of course if it is tightly tied to Civil War it could be 22 pages of him lying in bed recovering from the beating he took in Civil War #5.

Civil War Front Line is out, this book is hit and miss every issue with the story lines. Daredevil is out and this arc has been a lot weaker then the DD in jail arc. Fantastic Four the End was a good book in my opinion, lets see if issue #2 can continue to hold the standard (of course the other panelists on did not agree with me on this book). Hellstorm #2 is coming out and it was okay, but I should probably drop it, the problem with mini-series is I rarely drop them if they are six issues or less and I should be harsher in my cuts.

Heroes for Hire, the Marvel hot chicks kicking ass book is an enjoyable read and actually a well done comic, Punisher War Journal, a new series so my expectations are rather muted at this point. Ultimate Spider-Man more of the clone saga fiasco, X-Factor a top series for 2006.

Next up is DC with 52, always my first read and usually a good book. Action comics, the second issue with Johns and Donner, really looking forward to this book as last issue was great. Blue Beetle which is a solid series and usually has its moments. Connor Hawke, Green Arrow's son gets a mini-series (two issues I think), which I'm looking forward to as I believe Chuck (best action story writer around) Dixon is doing it.

Creeper which has been okay, but I still want more out of this book. It has been too safe for me. Hawkgirl, which may be a drop if Hawkman doesn't show up or we don't start looking into the one year gap soon. Jack of Fables which is a great series so far, but I don't know what the long term potential of this series is, but it's too much fun now to worry about two years down the road. JSA Classified starts a new arc that I don't remember who is the focus so my expectations are nil. Showcase Unknown Solider which is 500 pages for only $18 of great older DC war stories, sure to be a good read. The Boys is coming out and my be the last issue of this "shock" book and finally Wonder Woman #3. They are killing the one year later jump with this book with lateness, DC needs to fix Wonder Woman already!

That's it a short list :)


  1. I only have one question - who will be recieving the Conner mini-series?!?

  2. That book will be flying to Florida.