Monday, November 13, 2006

What I'm Getting Wednesday

This week is again a surprising bigger week then I would have thought, but maybe the small week in a five Wednesday month will be the week of Thanksgiving.

52 is still going strong and looks like it continues to heat up with events now that the groundwork has been laid.

Aquaman returns after another long absence. This is a mixed blessing as Busiek is leaving the series soon and I was loving this run, so I'm hoping that the new writer (Tad Williams) will continue the high quality on this book.

Astro City - Dark Ages continues and Astro City is almost always a great book to read Busiek and Anderson produce this book at their own pace, but don't solicit until the arc is almost in the bag, so you have no delays once it starts. Great series.

Birds of Prey #100, I bet no one ever thought this series had legs, but between Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone this is a really good series, hate that Black Canary is leaving the group.

Catwoman good solid series. Checkmate, Claw, Deadman, GL Corps - all good entertaining series.

Hellblazer has been done well lately and is amazing long lasting series that attracts good writers and never gets much attention by fans.

Omega Men the second issue in this mini-series, Robin, Shadowpact ( a favorite of mine), Supergirl a series getting better and better and Testament, which is a really different series and probably deserves to be re-read as a trade.

Next up Astonishing X-Men, which has been a disappointment and seems to have tied up the main X-Men into their own little continuity.

Civil War which due to the delays has really gotten old and feels way too dragged out at this point. I want Civil War to be over, this is issue #5, which means we still have 2 more issues to go.

Iron Man which is finally part of Civil War, Moon Knight which is probably my last issue of this book. Squadron Supreme is finally out again, delays cause this story to crawl as it is a stretched out story to begin with. Thunderbolts which I think I should have waited until Ellis came in as I started smack in the middle of some long term plot lines ending.

Also Ultimate FF which I hear is losing fans fast, X-Men First Class, an enjoyable year one type sage written by Jeff Parker who is doing well with many series at Marvel.

Then we have Invincible, which is just one damn good super hero book, Leading Man, more fun madness from ONI and the conclusion of the Road to Hell mini-series which was a "C" book.

Last and not least EC Archive Shock Suspense Stories Volume #1. This are really well done archives of the EC comic books from the fifties. Some great stuff, so pure 50's so-so stuff, but I really love the format and quality they did with the first book.

That's it for this Wednesday truck load of books.

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  1. I was so not impressed with CW #5.

    The PUNISHER cameo was cool, but what was that, like a few pages?

    Not worth the wait...