Sunday, December 17, 2006

2006 Top Five

Christmas parties, poker night, Christmas shopping, my birthday and just plain old burn out has prevented me from posting for a few days. Today in honor of the radio show we are recording today, where we have to pick the top five, and having read Gwen and Lee's reasoning on why they picked what they picked; I thought I would also join in with my top five and the reasons why they made it.

5) 52 - While this is not the best book every weak and it has its ups and downs, it was a bold move that DC made that has worked. No one thought this book would ship every week and by naming it 52, one missed week would cause an endless period and calling the book 53, 54 or whatever. Now it didn't make it just because it has shipped on time, it made it because it is the first book I read every week. Some of the moments in this book have been great. Also they have made Black Adam, Isis, The Question, Montoya and Ralph Dibny as some of the most fascinating characters in the DCU.

4) Invincible - What a year this book has had. I love Robert Kirkman writing Invincible and Walking Dead and have been disappointed in his Marvel work. This year Invincible had the great issue where he ended up in the other dimension after killing the villain up to save his Mom. Kirkman has sub-plots that takes years to come to fruition and the pay off is always good. Really this is akin to the beginning of Amazing Spider-Man from the sixties. A great series and an enjoyable read. Ryan Ottley is not a great artist in my mind, but Invincible is his book at this moment in time.

3) X-Factor - Wow an X-Book again as one of my favorites of the year. It's been a long time since that could be said. Peter David has taken this book to a place that no other super group has ever been. The characterization and the lives of these people is what makes us come back for more, issue after issue, but the mysteries of Singularity and the action is what makes this stay a solid super hero book. Ryan Sook is missed, but the other artists have done a great job in maintaining the quality of this book. Also major kudos for taking the lame ass Layla character and making her a favorite of mine.

2) Fell - This has been Warren Ellis' year. I don't think he has written a bad book this year and the ideas have been coming from every where. Desolation Jones, Newuniversal, Planetary, Nextwave and more, but Fell is his best. Ben Templesmith has also had a great year and between Fell and Wormwood Gentleman Corpse I have had the pleasure of seeing his great art and his fun writing. Fell didn't have a lot of issues, but the format is $1 less then other comics and the 16 pages contain more story then most 22 page comics contain in two issues. A truly great work.

1) All Star Superman - Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly saved the All Star line before it was totally dismissed. Of course it should be named the all late line, but still I believe we got four or five issues of All Star Superman this year and they have been great. Morrison has raided the silver age and made it fun and fascinating all at the same time. So many great bits through out this series. Frank Quietly has captured a different portrayal of these characters, while retaining their essences. The Superman/Lois Lane kiss on the moon is one that is destined to be a poster. This book is a love letter to the Silver Age with modern story telling sensibilities and art to die for, every issue is a gem. I'm buying the Absolute Edition as soon as they publish it.

That's it for my top five and why they are what they are. This year had tons of other great books and some excellent mini-series and many, many honorable mentions, but I was forced to narrow it to five and I think my choices are justified.


  1. Really good picks here for Best of 2006. The only one I would disagree with is 52. It's been good, but not great. Replace 52 with Loveless and you've got a top 5 that cannot be beat.

  2. You knew this was coming... a comment.

    To start. For such a smart man you have such strange tastes! Let's not even begin to get into the Ravens. Ick!

    (1) 52? I agree that it has been a huge success. But best of year? Notable, sure. Better than average, yeah. Top 5. No. I think the story consistancy is what is lacking. Listening to the show every other week you can see how people like 1/2 the book every time.
    (2) I read Invincible in trades. It reads great. I am surprised you don't like Ottley's art. Very linear with more color than blacks for shading. Personally, I like the hard line "european" feel to the. Then again I really like Carlos Meglia and Eric Canate so this is right up my alley. This falls under my "just good comics" catagory. I picked She-Hulk, you picked this... Ron will pick Robin. All good.
    (3) X-factor... we agree.
    (4) Fell, as you said, pick any Ellis book this year. They were all great.
    (5) All Star Superman. A fantastic, fantastic book. But two things (a) I had trouble giving BOY to a bimonthly book. (b) The rest of Morrison's titles were so flakey this year that it tarnished this one. It shouldn't happen but for the volume he did this year, Seven Soldiers, Batman, All Star was more the exception than the rule.

    As for Loveless... reads better in trade. Much better. Great story line but neigh impossible to remember all the characters and subtlty of the story if you reads lots of books every month.

    Can't wait to hear the show!

  3. Lee - I agree wih your comments on 52, but still it is the first book I read every week, maybe it should have been top 10 and not top 5, but I think the book has opened up some amazing story lines. I could not ignore it with only having a top 5 to submit.

    All Star Superman was a tough choice for me because it was only 4 issues this year, but I really love this book. I almost cut it from consideration because of the sparsicity of issues.

    Hell Planetary made Rusty's gang of 16 (who gave a top five list) top ten with only two issues.

    I will feel bad for you when the Ravens beat my second favorite team the Patriots this year at MT&T Stadium.