Monday, December 11, 2006

What I'm Getting This Wednesday

At least I stopped smoking many years ago and lost that obsession. It was funny when I read that almost all comic fans have some form of OCD, but it is true. I prefer to think of it as devotion to an art form.

52 - I will be starting my 52nd year soon and DC is publishing 52! I know it is a cosmic alignment. This has been a very good series, the next weekly will be hard pressed to be this good. One of my top five series for 2006.

Batman - Great fill in issues by Ostrander and Mandrake. I'd be happy with them on almost any book. They did the best Spectre run ever.

DCU Infinite Christmas Issue or something - Should be fun.

Firestorm - Seems like it has been awhile since this book came out. I like this series, but it flies very low on the radar.

Gen13 - Last issue was really good. This series may be a real winner.

Green Arrow - Has been very solid since the one year later jump.

Green Lantern Corps- Dave Gibbons has really made each issue better then the last one.

JLA Classified - Since be the end of Chaykin's arc. It has been okay, but nothing special.

JLA - When is Metzler off this book.

Martian Manhunter - Yes I the one person buying this book, but I really like Martian Manhunter and want an Archive or at least a Showcase of his early stuff. Bring back Zook!

OMAC - I'm curious to see what is the end of this series. Does the kid became a hero, a tool of the machine or does he die?

Robin - Another great series since the one year later jump.

Sandman Mystery Theatre - A return of an old series. The original Sandman, set in the late 30's early 40's again I presume. I have high hopes for this book.

Spirit - Darwyn Cooke artist and writer. Can't wait. Hope my expectations are not too high.

Stormwatch PHD - Great first issue, let's see what issue #2 brings, but Gage is a good writer.

Tales of the Unexpected - The backup with Dr. 13 has stolen the spotlight off the Spectre who has the front spot. Good stuff.

Trials of Shazam - The five week month in November makes some books seem like it has been awhile, still I have enjoyed this series so far.

Amazing Spider-Girl - Needs a tighter art style, but still good solid comic book story telling.

Bullet Points - Nice Marvel Elseworld's story.

FF The End - Another Elseworlds / What If story. Alan Davis on story and art is doing a nice job on this one.

Marvel Masterworks Avengers : Late Silver Age Avengers material.

Supreme Power Volume 2 - The next 12 issues collected in a hard cover. This book is better read as 12 issue arcs.

X-Factor - One of my top five series for 2006.

Fear Agent - This book is so much fun and the crazy cliff hangers are worth the price of admission.

Damned - An okay ONI book, but if it was more then 5 issues I probably would have dropped it.

Fallen Angel - Peter David's independent work. An interesting story of a fallen angel. Really a good read and interesting.

Now to mail out some Christmas Cards.

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  1. I really liked the Spirit/Batman book... so cool!

    And I finished my top 5 so yay!