Saturday, December 02, 2006

Loveless #13 - A Review

Loveless #13 Writer - Brian Azzarello, Artist - Daniel Zezelj, Colorist - Patricia Mulvihill

Premise - Wes Cutter was shot and possibly killed at the end of last issue and we jumped to a one and done story focusing on Silas the Colonel in charge of some local Federal troops who just had his leg cut off due to an injury. As he is recovering he flashes back to a lost love.

What I Liked:

1) The story. This was a real heart wrenching story. Between the Colonel having to be drunk and he can hear the saw going through his leg bone to the heart breaking flashes backs to a long ago girl that loved him. Yet, he left her for the glory of being a solider. The story is told in part via the Colonel's letter to the woman he regrets now living behind. Two great lines stand out to me. The first is "that there will always be another tomorrow, but never another today". The second line is "regret is from when the ordinary is touched by the extraordinary and doesn't feel it until much later." Great story, really well done.

2) The art is very good also and fits the mood of the story. Daniel Zezelj is a more of an acquired taste and is definitely not your standard comic book artist, but it is very moody and conveys this story perfectly. The colorist maintains a muted pallet that suits this book.

What I Didn't Like:

1) Really nothing in this issue. As a series it is sometimes a little muddled in its story telling and I have a hard time discerning exactly what Wes Cutter and Ruth Cutter are trying to accomplish.

Grade A

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  1. Gotta say that the one thing I miss on this book is Frusin's art. Wish he'd come back. Other than that, great read!