Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I'm Getting Thursday

Where the holidays interrupt the normal Wednesday process and move the delivery day till Thursday for two weeks. With being as busy during the holidays as I get, Thursday is just fine.

52 - What a shocker. Still a good book, we are now about 2/3 of the way finished.

Batman - More of the Ostrander/Mandrake story. So far this has been a good little story.

Batman and the Mad Monk - Matt Wagner's story broken into two mini-series, of the early years of Batman. Legends sales are way off, so doing a mini-series highlights this material.

Blue Beetle - Really starting to enjoy this character.

Boys - Okay the last issue made me hand around, this issue will determine if it was worth it.

Connor Hawke - Part 2 of a six issue mini-series, that feels pointless and adding nothing to the character. But I like Chuck Dixon's writing and he makes almost any book a fun read.

Creeper - The Creeper has been a moderate success in re-launching the character so far.

Crossing Midnight - Mike Carey and Jim Fern made me want to come back for more, let's see if issue #2 delivers.

Detective - The last issue was great, this has been an enjoyable book since one year later.

Flash - Is the new writer/artist team here yet?

Guy Gardner - A waste of paper, but I'll get issue #2 of 2.

Hawkgirl - Chaykin's art and the first storyline did not work on this book. It has gotten better, but I want to know where is HAWKMAN!!!!

Jack of Fables - New story arc. Very good book so far.

JSA Classified - This is part 2 of a Dr. Midnight arc. Great character.

Justice - Hard to follow as a comic, should be good when put together in one book.

JLA - Yawn! - Could Metzler slow this down a little, I almost think a story is forming.

Loveless - Should be good. Is Ruth the new Sheriff?

Supergirl - I'm falling off this book now. Too many bad issues and too few good ones.

Supergirl and the LOSH - CAN'T WAIT. Love this book now.

Superman/Batman - In order to write this book you have to submit a convoluted and unintelligible script to get the assignment.

Uncles Sam and the Freedom Fighters - Really an good book, that with stronger art would have been great.

Wetworks - Almost ready to drop this title. All darkness and nothing really grabbing me.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter - Picked this up for my daughter Gwen and the Brett Booth art drew me into the book. So far not a bad story. I hear that this book is selling to a different market then many comics, which is always good news for the industry.

Annihilation - This has been a surprisingly good mini-series. Of course I love seeing old "B" and "C" list characters in books and Star Lord has to be a "D" lister.

Astonishing X-Men - This series has been a disappointment. Big names, with no real punch.

Daredevil - Should be a good issue as we are supposed to finally meet the person who has been freeling with DD.

Heroes for Hire - Fun book.

Iron Fist - First issue was cool (except for the 44 pages of ad and 10 pages of story - a slight exaggeration), looking forward to issue #2.

Masterworks All Winners Squad - Should be lots of losers and a few Winners squad. Golden Age Marvel madness.

Nextwave - Great book.

Ultimate Fantastic Four - Does anyone understand what is going on in this book?

Ultimate Power - Does anyone care that this book is being published? What if they had a big cross-over and nobody cared?

Winter Solider Special - Could be good.

Wolverine Origins - This book is on month by month basis as to whether I get the next issue or not.

X-Men - Better then Uncanny and Astonishing X-Men.

30 Days of Night - A new mini-series of the vampire series.

Wolfskin - Part 2 of Ellis' barbarian book from Avatar.

That's it for this week. I believe that leaves 5 books on the racks that I didn't get this week.

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