Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ultimate Power #2 - A Review

Ultimate Power #2 Writer - Brain Bendis, Pencils - Greg Land, Inks - Matt Ryan, Colors - Justin Ponsor

Premise - The Squadron Supreme has jumped dimensions to the Ultimate Universe as they claim Reed Richards has destroyed their world with a device he sent into other dimensions. Reed was attempting to cure Ben Grimm. In this issue an all out fight between the FF and the Squadron is in full force as the Squadron can't speak or use their powers correctly because of the dimensional jump. The Ultimates and the X-Men show up for the fight.

What I Liked:
1) The book was published on time.

2) The women in this book are drop dead gorgeous and create fantasy just by looking at their pictures.

3) High production values and great coloring.

What I Didn't Like:
1) The art. While Land draws beautiful people, his layouts and fights scenes are almost non-sensical. Also everyone has their mouth open in this book. To the point that I started to want to cut how many people had their mouths open. One scene has a double page spread of the Ultimates dropping from a plane into the fight on top of the Baxter Building. The Scarlet Witch has her mouth so wide open that I was looking for her tonsils. Plus I still keep looking for the who has Greg Land used for his models.

2) The story is okay at this point. The first issue was a waste, but this issue we learn what is the set-up for the series. The first issue was a total waste and we could have started with issue #2. So the story is not a like or a dislike at this point.

Grade C

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