Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quick Hits on What I Have Read So Far This Week

52 Week #31 - Yes
Atom # 6 - Yes
Batman Confidential #1 - Yes
Detective Comics #826 - Yes
Jonah Hex #14 - Yes
Justice Society of America #1 - Yes
Nightwing #127 - Yes
Other Side #2 - Okay
Supergirl #12 - No
Superman Confidential #2 - Yes
Doctor Strange The Oath #3 - Yes
Hulk #101 - No
New Universal #1 - Yes
Spider-Man Reign #1 - Yes
Uncanny X-Men #481 - No
White Tiger #2- Okay
Invincible #37- Yes
Meltdown #1- Yes

So far a really good week. As you can see in the short form I have three ratings. Yes, No and Okay. My next rating system is only five at A,B,C, D and F, but that would require more time and more of an explanation and I'm doing a quick post today as I have "real world job" stuff that I need to do and the Ravens game is later.


  1. And what was wrong with the Hulk????

  2. Lee - The Hulk story line has gotten way too long and I'm now getting bored. This issue was another drag out the story line issue.