Thursday, December 21, 2006

Off to See Rocky VI

I find it amusing that movies have decided that the umpteenth sequel is a negative and so remove the numbers off the title. The old style marketing was to have Rocky IV, with a sub-title. Now it is apparently passe to have numbers after a movie.

It is still Rocky VI to me.

Reminds me of calling a garbage man a sanitation engineer, either way he still picks up garbage and isn't that demeaning to engineers?


  1. Please let us know how it is. I've seen previews and Stallone looks like a withered old man. Who wants to see an old man getting his ass beat? Plus I think it's funny that he picked Antonio Tarver, a super-middleweight, to box against. Appollo Creed was a heavyweight, Mr. T was a heavyweight, Dolph Lundgren was a heavyweight, even Tommy Morrison(as pathetic as he was)was a heavyweight. Why the shift to a boxing class that is some 20 lbs.+ less than heavyweight? To make Stallone look bigger and more intimidating than his ancient ass would otherwise look??

  2. You must be making this up! Seriously, you're going to see Rocky.

    I'm not sure I would even see it at the loval $1 theatre.

    You'd best post a review!!!