Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Iraq War - Silver Age Plank

It didn't work. We screwed up, we can't fix it. The only option is to withdraw in an orderly manner as possible.

Slowly I have come to this conclusion. I was against the war from the jump. I never believed the reasons for the war, I still believe it was about oil. The neo-cons decided to buy into trying to stabilize an area that has never been stable by building a democracy in the middle east. You can't make people want to have a democracy. Years ago when the British left they made up these borders and purposely left warring fractions in the same areas to keep the area destabilized.

The only reason Iraq was stable was due to an iron fist dictator running the place. We took him out and now have a country in the throes of chaos.

No one has a solution, because there is no solution that works within the framework of our political morals. I mean we could bomb the country into submission or take over and enforce laws as Saddam did, but that is not how we operate anymore.

Instead this administration will probably increase troop levels short term and then start a slow withdraw in 2008. Ultimately we may be left with a lot of troops permanently station in Iraq.

It's wrong, it didn't work, we frelled the place up (at least now it is out in public, with Saddam it was all hidden anger and resentment). It's their country, it's time for us to leave.

Tell them we will hang out for one more year to train as many people as we can and then we are gone.

Sure people will say you can't screw something up like that and then leave, but staying there is not fixing it. We should leave and try to help via other channels or let these people work out there own problems. You can't fix you neighbors arguments and we can't fix another people's conflicts.

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