Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I'm three episodes away from completing watching Lost season 2. I love this show as a DVD. It reminds me of a lot of many current comic series in that it is long form entertainment sliced up as episodic entertainment.

A lot of comics are really better read as a trade paperback. The Squadron Supreme is a series that almost every issue almost nothing happens. If read as a six or 12 issue block then the long form story takes shape and in the context of 12 issues something happens. Lost purports to be a weekly TV series, but in some episodes absolutely nothing happens. When I watch a season of episodes then the long form story takes shape and something actually happens. I cannot imagine watching this thing weekly with the huge gaps between original episodes.

Still as a season on DVD this is a fun show to watch and has drawn me in so much that once I started watching it I managed to watch all the episodes in a little over a week. If last week-end wasn't so busy I would have completed it before tonight. It cuts into my comic reading time, but that's okay.

As with my comics ownership is over rated, so Lost will be taking a trip to Florida. One day I will have to get the first season back and watch it again as it is a very good TV series when watched as a season on DVD.


  1. Oh goody - if you're sending it to FL, I might be able to borrow it. That's how I saw the 1st season. Good show. Definitely agree that it's best watched on DVD.

  2. And I also finished New Frontier. I enjoyed it. Very interesting how all the short stories eventually tied in together.

    Loved Batman and John Jones (can't spell his Martian name). Found Lois Lane irritating. And I'm glad Hal Jordan stopped being emo by the end of the series!

    It's funny, though - at the end of the series, the heroism that impressed me most was not from the super-powered crowd, but from the average joes whose stories were told alongside the superheroes'.

  3. Airelle - I hope you enjoy Lost - I understand it has made the rounds in Florida. New Frontier was very much about the average Joe and I was thought Johnny Cloud, Rick Flagg and King Farraday were great stories.

  4. Yeah, those were the ones I liked best.

  5. best line ever. "Ownership is overrated"

    It is soooo true. Fun to read/watch but the junk seems to take up lots and lots of space.