Monday, December 18, 2006

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Continuing my weekly sneak preview of what I'm getting and gut level impressions of what is coming out.

52 - A really solid series, my big concern is this has done so well sales wise that DC and Marvel are going to try some similar stunt and it won't work. This filled a gap, the next event will be too forced.

Aquaman - Kurt Busiek has made this a must read book, shame he is leaving after issue #49.

Birds of Prey - The second issue now that the BOP has become a Mission Impossible book where Babs chooses a team based on the mission. Over 100 issues and this is still a rock solid entertaining book.

Catwoman - Good series, curious to see where we go with Holly and Selina both being Catwoman.

Checkmate - This book feels late, but I have really enjoyed Rucka's take on the new Checkmate, the political intrigue maybe the best part.

Deadman - A book doomed to failure as they named it Deadman and it is not Boston Brand and the much maligned Bruce Jones as writer with the unappreciated John Watkiss as artist, yet I like the series. I will be shocked if it makes it past 12 issues.

Fables - Almost a mortal lock to be a good read.

Hellblazer - Finishing up with the Empathy Engine storyline (or darn close to the end). Denise Mina (?) has done a good job in writing the character.

Ion - A very hot and more often cold book. This 12 part series has floundered too often.

Omega Men - A fun romp, with the appropriate gritty artwork of Flint Henry.

Secret Six - The end of a great mini-series. Gail Simone hit a home run with this book.

Shadowpact - Bill Willingham is one of my favorite writers with his work. Shadowpact is a great book, that has a good amount of solid humor in it.

Teen Titans - I like this book, but always feel a little disappointed in it and I don't know why exactly.

Testament - A very cool Vertigo book, that is always thought provoking.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Because I need to read an Avengers book that is about the Avengers.

Civil War Front Line - Very tired of this book.

Criminal - Good work by Brubaker and Phillips.

Iron Man - Not even sure why, but he is a central character in the MU.

New Avengers: Illuminati - No valid reason, but I want to see how much further they can take this concept.

She-Hulk - This is a great little series and Slott makes this book work.

Thunderbolts - Waiting for Ellis to start.

Ultimate Spider-Man - The clone sage is still a bad idea, even in the Ultimate universe.

X-Men First Class - Great fun and well written by Jeff Parker.

Zombie - Want to see if Simon Garth becomes a Zombie again.

Lone Ranger - Needs to come out faster.

Wasteland - Great series by Oni, can't wait.

Conan - Still a rollicking good time.

That's it!


  1. Zombie? That book with Hotz art?

    If there was any doubt before, it's certainly gone now...

    you DO buy everything that is published.

  2. It seems that way, but since I send most of my books on I sometimes get a series for other people to read also. My daughter Gwen has friends who are Zombie fans in Flordia, so I decided to get that book. Now I want to see if Simon Garth becomes the Zombie from the old Marvel magizines. The hardest part is keeping up with all my reading.