Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Day Christmas Went Deaf....

Howdy all... We interrupt Jim's normal political rantings to rant about Christmas noise.

I don't know the exact day that I became "old" but I've slowly been getting there. I've fought tooth and nail to be young and on limited occasions, "hip" but I can't fight it anymore. I think I finally have to admit "I am old".

Don't get me wrong, I'm still not as old as Jim, but somehow I managed to become older than most of America because I think the world is way to loud.

The signs that lead me to this conclusion...

(1) The toys are all way to loud...
I have young children and I realized that they are going to be deaf long before me. Since when was sonic amplification a necessity in toys? Jim played with wooden trucks and sticks he whittled into the shape of guns. I grew up with Stretch Armstrong and Luke Skywalker ACTION FIGURES (not dolls) version 1.0... They didn't make any more noise than I could dream up.

My daughter got a book that has buttons to press to make noise. It is so loud that we actually put tape over the microphone! And I can still hear it in the other room.

My son got a Lightning McQueen car that talks chinese (only when shaken correctly)

My other daughter got a horse that makes "real horse noises".

When did our children lose the ability to make their own sounds? When did it become necessary for toys to start a decibel war to attract a child's attention? The saddest toy is the motion activated talky-musical play set thing. My children walk into the room and it plays better hip-hop electronica jams than the radio. What is that teach my kids????

(2) Since when did it become fashionable to have the volume in stores at 11?
Is silence so bad? Today, my wife and I went to the local box store, with all the piped in music we could stand, and at points we were either shouting or leaning in so close my personal space was violated so that we could hear each other.

That's not to mention that I wasn't even a fan of the very-stylish-yet-unknown-to-me rapper on all videos. All I wanted was to purchase a lousy pair of jeans in a modicum of peace and quiet. Correction, a pair of jeans at a reasonable price. Is that to much to ask???

So I think the world is way to loud... there are many other things that have made me old, like the jeans I couldn't stand to buy or that movie "Black Christmas" but I'll save that for another day!


  1. Lee - You sound like you might be older then me.

    Recently I knew I was no longer in vogue with "popular" music, when every damn song the DJ played was a bizarre hip hop dance type beat. I guess the only new music left for me is alternative rock.

    Your post made me laugh out lod twice.

  2. Jim--You still listen to the radio? Why would you do that to yourself?? It's a total wasteland. Personally I gave up on listening to the radio back in 1989. Why waste time listening to those annoying ads?
    Don't know about the world being too loud. It's nice and peaceful in my neck of the woods. Just the soothing sounds of nature whisping in your ear.

  3. Well, I'm only 25, and I happen to agree with you, Lee. Unfortunately, my sons' grandparents gifted us with some of those noisy toys this year.

    Thank goodness batteries die/can be removed!

  4. Jeff - It wasn't the raido - it was a DJ at a Midnight Bowling thing with Karen and her 20 something classmates, who are essentially young single girls who like to dance when they drink.

    The music sucked, the scenario was fine.

    And you'll have to address Lee as to loudness.