Monday, December 14, 2009

Best and Worst of Last Week

No true best and worst this week as I’m knocking out all the posts I want to get in for year end and so my schedule has been wrecked. This week again became a review of what I even read as opposed to a true best and worst. After this week you will see a few comments from me on the Marvel and Indies preview review but this week is my swan song for 2009 as I’m taking off on vacation.

One thing this week that jumped out at me was Invincible Iron Man #21 and New Avengers Annual #3. Not that either book was the bees knees or anything, but because of Steve Rogers. Captain America has now been seen in three different books as last week we saw him in Dark Avengers Annual #1. Now I know that we all knew Steve Rogers was coming back, but still as a fan of comics I always hope that there could still be a twist at the end of the story. As the last issue of Reborn ended we had the Red Skull taking over Steve Rogers’s body. Just because Cap is coming back, does not mean Reborn had to have a happy ending. The Red Skull could have gotten Steve’s body and we could have had a year long story about how Steve eventually wins his way back. Okay since this was a mini-series and being packaged for the book stores, that could not be the ending either. So maybe Steve does not want to be Captain America anymore, but no even that little bit of mystery has been taken out of it with all of his appearances in these other books. Of course I believe Reborn was supposed to be over by now and it was not. All in all the whole point of the mini-series has been diluted to make it nothing more then a perfunctory story.

Before I get off this Iron Man #21, how silly was this book. The only way to jump start Tony’s heart was for Thor to strike his hammer on Cap’s shield. Please it was so ham fisted to force the idea of having the “big three” of the original Avengers together that I almost gagged.

Marvel had a bad week with me as Ghost Riders Heaven on Fire #5 (of 6) has become a train wreck after I had fallen in love with this series, now I just want to get the last issue of this mini-series and I can then never buy the book again.

Still Marvel has a great book with PunisherMax #2. Now I know I have railed against ultra-violence and this book was hard core nastiness, but it fit the characters. The Kingpin is the most vicious and vilest person you can imagine and this issue we saw just how deep the depravity runs in the man. I’m looking forward to Frank hopefully being able to cap his ass.

Vertigo has a winner with Daytripper #1. I’m assuming every issue will be about another person as the star of this issue is killed in the end. At least I thought he was killed, but the next two issues are about Brás de Oliva Domingos, who is an obituary writer. I’m curious to see if the criminal killed himself instead of Bras and what will affect this event have on Bras. Go out and pick up this book as you will want to follow along for the ride like I do.

The only other book I will bother commenting on is Adventure Comics #5. I know what Johns is doing with Superboy Prime as he is harkening back to the old days when the people who wrote the comics were real people on Earth Prime. As Superboy-Prime knows that he is trying to kill the DC staff as he is fighting Black Lanterns. At the end he becomes a Black Lantern himself. None of this type of stuff works for me anymore and I appreciate the effort, but some things are best left in our memories. The Superboy (Connor Kent) back up was excellent, as Connor continues to befriend this young girl and is shocked to run into Lex Luthor , who is her uncle and carry some green kryptonite.

Very, very short and not a best or worst post, but hey that is a wrap for this week. I’m starting to feel the need to continually change up the Monday and Tuesday post and next year they may morph into something new.

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