Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Soul Of A Zombie

Earlier this year Jim wrote an 8 page comic book story but it never got published. As my Christmas present to Jim I hired a friend of mine, Corey Beahon, to illustrate Jim's comic (please check out Corey's website here). Now that Jim's received his copy I thought it'd be nice to share Jim's first "published" work with all of our readers here at Comics And... Enjoy! Please click on the image to see the larger format :)

This will eventually be set up in a webcomic format at a separate web location. Just as soon as I manage to work out some bugs :) I hope everyone's enjoying the winter holiday season!


  1. Thanks again Gwen & Andre! It is a very cool gift!

  2. From avid reader, to collector, to comic shop owner and now comic book writer. . .
    Way cool Jim ! A great job and a really nice present from Gwen. Thanks for sharing this. I am looking forward to reading your next book.
    Michael Vigezzi

  3. Very cool! This is the most original angle on a zombie storyline I've ever seen. I really dig it! The idea is so haunting.

    Tampa, FL

  4. One of the best Christmas gifts I've seen in a very long time.