Monday, December 14, 2009

What I’m Getting Wednesday December 16

This is going to be an odd week as I’m getting out my Year in Review columns and other shorter posts because I have different things I want to touch on and I rather do smaller single posts as opposed to a random thoughts posts. That said what I’m getting this week will be very short. Plus it is not a stunning week of books anyway.

DC (including Wildstorm and Vertigo) has Authority The Lost Year #4 (of 12) coming out. Sadly and happily this is a little stronger then the regular Authority series. Wildstorm has some good ideas, but they are still looking for the big success they have not had in over a decade. We have the Bat Family giving us Batman #694, Batman 80 Page Giant, Batman Confidential #39, Batman Streets of Gotham #7 and the Outsiders #25. Oddly enough Brave and Bold #30 is Batmanless as is Superman Batman #67, so they cannot be included as Batman books. Of course Blackest Night has Green Lantern Corps #43, the follow up to Kyle’s apparent death, Justice League of America #40 and the aforementioned Outsiders and Superman Batman books being cross over books also.

To wrap up DC we get Power Girl #7, always an entertaining book and one of the best series coming out in the DCU and Supergirl #48, which oddly enough always comes out the same week. Essentially these are the same characters that over the years have ended up going in drastically different directions. It just shows a base concept, like a super woman character can be taken in many ways. Vertigo gives us the amazing consistent and well done Hellblazer #262 and Fables #91.

Marvel has Captain America Reborn #5 (of 6), which has had the ending of the story just destroyed by his multiple appearances in last weeks books, Daredevil #503, Dark Avengers #12, Mighty Avengers #32, Doctor Voodoo #3 and Nomad Girl Without A World #4 (of 4). Lots of Avengers and Avenger related titles which Marvel has managed to make the center piece of their line. I think it cost the X-Men, but I think the Avengers are the better tent pole title to build from then the X-Men side of things.

Rounding out Marvel is Realm of Kings The Inhumans #2 (of 5), Thunderbolts #139, Vengeance of Moon Knight #4 and X-Factor #200. The preview of X-Factor #200 is making me wonder of I may drop this book. In making Layla a more ordinary character it has taken away some of the charm of this series. I know she could not just be the annoying one who knows stuff forever, but the ending of that story was a time travel circle conundrum that hurt the character.

The indy side of the world brings us Forgetless #1 (of 5), a new series from the writer of Existence, the Next Issue Project #2 (Silver Streak Comics #24) a great idea where modern creators do the next issue of a golden age book. Underground #4 (of 5), The Art of Steve Ditko HC, which may have to end my random Ditko books, Chimincanga #1, Escape from Wonderland #3 (of 6) in which I’m playing out the Wonderland material from Zenoscope.

The last of the indies is the always great Farscape #2 of the new ongoing series and the flip side of the coin to Irredeemable with the new Incorruptible #1 coming out. I’m a little hesitant about this idea, but will give Waid leeway to make a concept that I’m leery about work. The good guy going bad is easier then the bad guy going good. Last and far from least is Locke and Key Crown of Shadows #2 (of 6). A very well done series and it is being done as a series of mini-series so the trades are always available to catch you up to the story.

Actually the post was a little longer then I wanted, but once I get typing it is hard to stop as I have opinions on a lot of stuff when it comes to comics.

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