Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

Nightwing #153 (DC)

The only way I'll be okay with this book being canceled is if Nightwing becomes the new Batman. Tim's the only other person who makes sense in the role and he still hasn't finished high school - it seems too soon for him. Either way, this was an excellent issue. It pains me to see this book ending so soon after it had gotten really good. It also seems a shame to see Dick having to quit his new job and life so soon after getting established.

Black Canary/Green Arrow #17 (DC)

I can't say I liked this issue. The whole creepy stalker thing was alright for a villain segue but I think I'm getting tired of this origins and omens thing. I mean, I've finally come to accept Dinah and Ollie as a married couple (and have even been enjoying it) and now they're acting like they'll end up badly. I guess I'm irritated and the fortune teller like hints. Also, ever time they mention Scar all I can think of is the Lion King. Be prepared....

Action Comics #874 (DC)

Mon'el! Yay!

R.E.B.E.L.S. #1 (DC)

I'll admit it, I liked this book because of the Brainiac family. In fact I really really liked this book because of the guest appearance of Brainiac 5. I also like the fact that he used Supergirl's brain to store data. That was brilliant (and hilarious)! Beyond all the geek (me) appeal this was a neat way to start the story. The idea of Vril Dox against his own force is intriguing.

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #3 (Dark Horse)

This story really hooked me this issue. It was interesting before but now they've brought in the idea of Hellboy's mother and I'm fascinated. I can't wait for the next issue. I also like the supporting cast in this issue. I feel like the story really begins for this miniseries during this issue.

Fables #81 (Vertigo)

I guess I should have seen this coming but I didn't. I honestly did not expect Blue to die. It's really really depressing. I really teared up by the end of this issue. I am curious to see if Rose can pull through and be a better person at this point.

Batman and the Outsides Special (DC)

This was an awesome idea! Alfred finally gets the limelight (well sort of) in a book. Sure, he's the background boss guy, but still. I am interested in the Outsiders again and am looking forward to seeing how this show will run with Alfred in charge.

B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Well, Liz has been found but she's obviously not herself. I'm a bit worried about what's going to happen to Liz at this point as it's not looking too good for her coming back to the B.P.R.D.

On a side note, Neozoic, a favorite comic of mine, ended a few weeks back. It was a decent ending to the story arch (although it seemed a little quick in some ways) and I really hope we'll see more of this world from Red 5 in the future.

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